HOGFISH {Catch Clear Cook dinner} My ALL-TIME Favourite fish to EAT!!!

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need the BEST Trip concept? keep on the “Plantation on Crystal River –
and fish with Capt. Blake on Cling em’ Excessive Sportfishing

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  1. I was just wondering, why do you fillet everything? Fish tastes so much better if you cook it on the bone.

  2. who noticed that dolphine or shark when he was recording the sunset pay attention to it

  3. I think you should do a catch clean n cook hog fish, but bake it whole

  4. first of all, how the heck do you hold your breathe that long?

  5. One of my favorites too. Trigger fish too.

  6. “Eh your lucky I don’t crack you in the head” 🤣🤣

  7. He wasn’t looking for hogfish but it’s his favorite don’t make sense

  8. Sam here, I live in the Hudson Valley!!!

  9. You should Stop by narcosis scuba in tarpon springs if your around

  10. The Voiceover was so sick
    And the fish plate 😩 I need one

  11. Love your channel! Lots of love from west palm beach! 🙏🏼

  12. You are an amazing person and you always keep God first in your life and thats amazing for me to see even before you go to sea you say a Prayer for protection


  14. I see you guys are a huge fan of rice or at least your wife is. My little 4 year old daughter and I love rice, everyone else in the family don’t care for it at all!

  15. These videos are phenomenal! As a person working at home on a computer all day, it's fun to pretend I'm at sea spearing lobsters and whatnot. Thank you! New subscriber right here

  16. Do U worry about ciguatera with any of those fish?

  17. Mr.Arrington my name is syleana I just wanna say hello. I watch your channel Everytime you upload a video. I just wanna say I think and deer mom are the best. I hope to one day meet y'all. I live in Hollywood Florida

  18. request Robert, kindly make a video tutorial of freediving? pls ty!

  19. That meal looks amazing, I would eat it in a heartbeat. Love your show, keep them coming.

  20. Come to The Bahamas for some clean and clear water

  21. Ball dropping lol; I guess us FL folks don't care about why we "kno nutin' bout no pizza," and respect God's creation more than a freakin pizza pie.

  22. Yu hv good lungs Rob I could not hold my breath that' long Rob. Stay safe in the name of Jesus Amen

  23. Goes to Ivy League. Still loves fishing. Just goes to prove once it’s in your blood, it’s there forever.

  24. Love the channel 2 it's good watching every nite clean and cook I am from south Africa Port Elizabeth

  25. What a cool grouper guys……😁

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