How one can Make a Hoodie – Stitching from Scratch – Tock Customized – How one can use a Stitching Machine

On this video, I am going to present you step-by-step find out how to make your very personal customized hoodie!

Machines used:
Basic stitching: Brother ST150HDH:
Embroidery: Brother PE-800
Overlock Machine: Singer Professional-End

Sample Used: Burda 7734

Reducing Instruments by Famore’ Cutlery:

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I forgot to say that that is three yards of Blizzard Fleece Materials, and there are THOUSANDS of various colours and designs of materials to select from 🙂

I do know this video could be very lengthy, however I wished to be thorough to assist novices discover ways to make a really clear garment from scratch. There aren’t loads of movies on find out how to make hoodies, so I hope you get pleasure from this!

Making purchases by way of these hyperlinks helps to help Tock Customized by way of numerous affiliate and partnership packages. I recognize your help, and I am completely satisfied to make suggestions based mostly on what I’ve discovered useful with my stitching tasks.

Thanks for watching!


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  1. I’ve never wanted to go make a hoodie so much in my life

  2. Hallo from Greece!! A little tip for sewing the waist band! You must seeing with the longer part on the feed dogs as they tend to sew more fabric as they moove!! Happy new year!! VERY NICE JOB!!!

  3. Hey tock! Would you be able to post a video on how to make a waist band for boxing/fight shorts? Or just boxing shorts period?

  4. I think I'm going to make this my first clothing project. I just got to find (or learn how to adjust) a pattern to fit a typical welshman (long body, short legs) 👊

  5. This looks like something I could actually make:)

  6. Very cool, didn't hesitate to watch even after noticing the length of this video. I have not bought my machine yet, but I am always interested to see how you make these awesome creations. I am excited for when I actually get my machine, I will certainly have to revisit some of your videos when the time comes. Thanks!

  7. any tutorial worth making is worth making right. Don't cut short a good tutorial just because it takes time. If it was easy everyone would be doing it.
    I watched the first one in its entirety. I might even watch this one to see if I can spot the changes.
    I've only been sewing less then two years and recently completed a hoodie of my own (before your tutorial). You almost make me want to do another hoodie and see how much I can improve on the one I already did.


  8. Your videos are so easy to follow. 💯👍

  9. Yo this guy is amazing you got mad talent all the best bro💯🔥 check out bape hoodies on google maybe you might gain some inspiration on your next one

  10. I sew bags and quilts and keep on looking at sewing some of my own outer wear… Im a big guy who bike all year around even as cold as -40 and its hard to find good fitting gear.. I think I will start with this but leave out the zipper and add the material back in to make a solid front with pockets great video….

  11. My exams.are finishing in 14 of feb starting it that day

  12. And also will u anytime soon post how to make a t shirr

  13. HOw would you finish the bottom of the hoodie if you do not want a waist band? Just a rolled hem or some other hem?

  14. Never apologize for being through! That's the reason these videos are so badass! I can't wait for more content.

  15. Wow! You are the kindest sewing instructor in the world! Your projects are awesome and engaging. Thanks so much for teaching the rest of us. Could you please sew a fancy tunic with side pockets ?

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