The 16 inch MacBook Professional Impact Defined

Because the launch of the 16 inch MacBook Professional there have been some attention-grabbing developments. The costs for used 2018 and 2019 15 inch MacBook Professionals, notably excessive finish fashions, has dropped considerably, usually by a number of thousand {dollars}. on this video let’s discuss whether or not or not you can purchase a 2018 or 2019 MacBook Professional 15, whether or not the offers are value it, and what the 16 inch MacBook Professional impact is!

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  1. You should have only listed "sold" items on ebay. That would give you the real current price.

  2. man, you should have started and finished with one very basic thing – the keyboard. the rest is irrelevant in a laptop that doesn't have a reliable fundamental functionality

  3. Good evaluation on different models and years. I like the topic being I will be looking to replace my top spec 2013 Macbook Pro.

  4. Sold my 2018 13" MBP Touch Bar (2.4GHz, 256 SSD, 16GB, Apple Care) per half of the price I paid. Sucks, but got MBP 16" i9 (2.4Ghz, 32GB, 2TB, 8GB Radeon)…no regret$! Love it! Subscribed.

  5. I’m surprised it hasn’t depreciated more. I’d never buy second hand with inferior keyboard computer just to save 400-500 bucks over 16” . I wouldn’t be surprised within 2-3 years the 2015 high end models will cost more than these butterfly versions purely for the great connectivity.

  6. Just got a used 2015 MBP as temporary secondary computer. Hopefully it will buy me a bit of time before I am ready to jump for the 16" in about a year.

  7. Welcome to the rest of the world, Non Apple users have been living like this FOREVER. It's Apple users that live in a price bubble.

  8. So the takeaway seems to be that only a fool would buy a new machine – agreed

  9. Tried to sell my 6 months old 2018…2 weeks later no one responded.

  10. most apple customers are pathetic. imagine buying something from a company openly telling you(read-6k overpriced shit) i'd bend you over and do whatever i want with your ass.

  11. Good vid, but why won't TENSORFOW run? Why won't Caffe run? Why won't PyTorch run? Chainer? PaddlePaddle? It's sad, but macs are for video editing and nothing else that a chromebook won't do. You should make a video as NVIDIA RTX Models are killing it in sales; they have games in Windows (or Linux) and they have what Data Scientists and AI engineers need; all the data science and AI frameworks, not to mention fast rendering. Don't get me wrong, it's a good looking laptop, but others have really gained in capacity, and maybe you could that.

  12. I bought the 1800$ 13 inch MacBook Pro back in September 2019 and I love it, though now with the huge depreciation the 15 inch has suffered from I was thinking to sell mine and get a 2018 i7 or i9 15 inch that go for roughly 1300$ to 1500$. Thoughts?

  13. wow, thats really incredible. never in my life have i seen a product that is now last gen to drop in price. i suspect this is because they have to pricely competitive to buying a new generation product. who wouldve thought this could ever happen?

  14. The butterfly keyboard is beyond any reasonable doubt a large part of the faster depreciation of previous models. People don't want to buy them used if they might be shit out of luck once the support program ends.

  15. the base model is great value for money! juste the new keyboard alone makes it more valuable.

  16. Older versions of MacBook pros aren’t particularly effected by the 16’’ price because sellers are fucking ridiculous.
    Resale markets are infuriating in nature and the only way to fight back is to have patience.

  17. I love to crush my mate macbook pro in library with my raid 0 1tb zephyrus

  18. there are so many problems with the 16"…not worth $1k…if you need it for business

  19. Been buying and selling Mac since the 90s. I have noticed that it’s always the top end models that tend depreciate the most.

  20. watching this on my 13 inch mbp best laptop

  21. 16 GB of RAM with an 8 core CPU makes no sense in 2020.

  22. Actual original prices of the computers we looked at (some were a bit off in the video):
    2018 MBP i9/32/4tb/Vega 20: $6,649
    2019 i9/32/4tb/Vega 20: $6,549
    2018 i7/32/1tb/Vega 20: $3,949
    2019 i9/32/512gb/Vega 20: $3,750

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