AirPods Professional Reminiscence Foam Ideas Are Surprisingly Good

Closing evaluation of the airpods professional reminiscence foam tip.
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  1. You think these will get on amazon anytime soon for a cheaper price and a faster shipping?

  2. Imagine paying $40 for a few little pieces of foam 🤦🏻‍♂️

  3. Hi Hotshot, have you considered giving our Foam Masters memory foam tips a review? They offer the same superior fitment and most importantly, they don't need to be tucked into the case before closing the lid!
    I noticed your ear tips are starting to peel at the tips where it needs to be tucked in due to improper fitment. Let us know if you'd like to collab 🙂

  4. Has anyone tried these for running? I find the Apple ones drop out of my ears regularly in all sizes?

  5. I got these and I mostly like them. I'm not crazy about how they keep the case from closing completely. Also this morning I found the left airpod had not charged because apparently the tip kept it from making contact.

    They're nice overall though. I'll just have to be careful that both of them are properly charging.

  6. I shall buy them with my coins
    yes i’m actually serious doing this lmao

  7. Hey one question, I bought these but that metal part if you want to remove it, will it damage the clip in the AirPods? Have you tried to remove it? Please get back to me cause I haven’t put it because of this issue, thanks!

  8. ok great, but why do they look 3 years old, all tworn and raggety? if you only had them for a short time

  9. WTF is the “noise activation” you squeak about as the guy in the video seemingly screws the bud in his ear as he walks through the park. If you didn’t speak so fast you would hear that you have made a mistake and be able to correct it. AirPods Pro have “noise activation”, I’m gonna try and find it on mine… 👎👎👎👎👎 😂

  10. $23.95 for the pack? Are they in drugs lol

  11. Took mine back and got powerbeats Pro cos they didn’t stay securely fitted, the ANC was worthless once they had slipped out ever so slightly. The fit test Apple have in iOS settings if repeated after wearing them for 10-15 mins would always tell me to adjust or try different ear tip. I feel these memory tips would improve this problem for active wearers but personally I feel the Powerbeats Pros are more suited and actually do sound better.

  12. Unfortunately they don’t have the earwax stopper

  13. Ear physique? Lol I think you mean ear fatigue

  14. Any foam tips will work just put the original silicone eartips over it bam done

  15. Thanks for the tip! I have always used foam tips as I find they do make a better seal. also, with the OEM tips, I find that I can feel/hear my heartbeat at times.

  16. The black tips look slick on the white AirPods

  17. Black. They'll stain the same. You just won't notice.

  18. they look so ugly over time tho definitely not getting them

  19. Are these built with a protective grill that keeps out ear wax etc like the original?

  20. Do they pass the eartip test for both left and right all the time?

  21. These look good and I want them but GODDAMN IF YOU THINK IM PAYING 40$

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