doqo | Flip Your iPad Professional Into A MacBook

doqo iPad Professional Keyboard is launching on Kickstarter now‼️

The World’s First Sort-C Keyboard That Turns Your iPad Professional Into A MacBook With A Revolutionary 7-In-1 Hub Design.😎

👉Get It Now!

🔥Tremendous Early Hen begins from $119!

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  1. would have bought this over brydge pro+ but the frame around the iPad kills it for me. maybe the next model will be different?

  2. Will there be a version for the 10.5 inch iPad Pro?

  3. LeT's MaKe ThE bEzElS bIgGeR fOr ThE 11 iNcH iNsTeAd Of DeCrEaSiNg ThE sIzE oF tHe KeYbOaRd CoVeR

  4. If you want a laptop, you get a laptop. If you want a tablet you get a tablet….this is…just stop. Make something new people, be more creative Jesus fucking christ.

  5. How to make your iPad Pro have huge bezels again… now that would be a great title. 😄

  6. That looks like a really cool keyboard should bring it down the whole iPad lineup that runs IPadOS

  7. Make one appropriately sized for the iPad Pro 11 and we can talk. Otherwise it’s worthless.

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