GoPro HERO eight vs iPhone 11 Professional! (4K)

Are motion cameras out of date? With the brand new ultra-wide angle digicam on #iPhone11Professional, do you continue to want a #GoPro8? The side-by-side comparability exams are stunning!

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Final years iPhone XS vs GoPro 7:

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  1. iPhone is awesome but the GoPro is more professional!!!
    Good video bro🤞

  2. Smartphones use Computational photography by utilising AI.

  3. what about texting on both devices ?

  4. Phones may win every now and then in ONE ASPECT which is the image quality. But this is not the main goal of a gopro, and its not what they are trying to do
    For 75 percent of gopro users, phones will never be able to take their spot

  5. Sorry, it may be the brightish color balance on the iphone, but the photos did not look as sharp to me as the gopro.

  6. Get the iPhone 11 which saves you a few hundred bucks and then get a gropro 8

  7. gopro is superior to shity iphone

  8. I use gopro's and I love them. I do mountain biking, skiing and lots of other action sports so gopro is perfect for me. even if the iPhone catches up with the gopro I still would use gopro because of the size, form factor and all the ways you can mount it.

  9. For professionalism you gotta go for gopro lol

  10. I don't know about you but GoPro 8 looks way better

  11. loss of details is really obvious in the iphone .. iphones image looks flat and blurry …

  12. Im not sure, but i think the comparsion at 4:43 ist not representative, because you compare a 360 camera with normal action cam. If you take the Gopro Max with Horizon levelling you get the same result.

  13. iPhoneの方が白い。

  14. I have iPhone 11 Pro I wish Apple and go pro partnered up and made the ultimate camera

  15. It's silly comparing stabilisation on the iPhone 11 Pro ultra wide angle lens. It's by far the worst of the three iPhone 11 Pro lenses, for video stabilisation and for picture/video quality. The one you should have been using for non-specific ultrawide tests is the standard wide angle. Whole test is more or less botched/severely limited.

  16. You can't compare GoPro and iPhone saying that iPhone is water resistant, technically iPhone is able to withstand just splashes, and GoPro is actually waterproof under 10 meters. I personally had to change my iPhone after dropping it in the puddle for just few seconds!

  17. What are your sunglasses? That are pretty sweet.

  18. なんて言ってるねーん!!

  19. About 2:07 Keeping straight lines of buildings also straight in the video at wide angles comes at the cost of stretching out the corners of the image. In my opinion, stretching and keeping lines straight (like the Iphone does) looks better at architecture and such, but when in nature or with people the stretching corners may look weird, you get a stretched face when in the corner of the image. Also with the stretching of the Iphone it looks like you are further away from the subject. So it is not better, it is a different technique.

    I will try to explain something…. Think about it like this: all the photo’s you can take from one point in space, stitched all together, result in a spherical image, just like the images they use in google streetview. So look at one photo as a part of a spherical image. And just like a globe (also a spherical image) you always need some stretching, bending (or cutting) to get the sphere to a plane: to make a map. This problem only gets apparent at wider angles. Compare a photo to a map of a part of the globe: the bigger part of the globe you take, the more stretching or bending it needs to make the map flat. So there is no way around it, you always need some stretching or bending in ANY photo, and just like there are different projections of the world map, camera’s use different projections too. And each projection has its pro’s and con’s.

  20. Video quality is definitely better with the GoPro. Photos go to the iPhone.

  21. Again… why bother showing test of 60fps if your clip has no 60fps option too choose from?

  22. Really great comparison video. Are you based in Huntsville? I've only been once, but I think your footage is from the city center area.

  23. my Phone can Capture 4K 30 at high bitrate 80 Mbps 😀

    i think CCD sensor on Gopro really beats out the Phone Camera sensor that only use CMOS Sensor…

  24. 2 différent tools for 2 différent purposes – I personally set my gopro to a lower sharpness setting the base settings are way to sharp / contrasty . Regarding the slow motion, of course more than 240p is interesting but we are really spoiled already with it ! My first 16mm camera did 48 frames per second and it looked amazing already

  25. Iphone 11 looks good! I like the Gopro stabilization!

  26. Gopro fov is cut for what ever reason..

  27. The biggest disadvantage in my opinion is how clunky it is to take videos and photos with your phone compared to the go pro. I mean that thing is HUGE!
    On the other side carrying 2 devices with you just for that special moment when you run away from the police, can get a bit meh. Next thing you know it you'll carry a mic with you for better audio :/

  28. Why compare a £1000 phone to a £300 action camera 🙄

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