iPhone 11 Professional Vlogging: Want an Exterior Mic?

Quite a lot of buddies the place shocked to listen to that I did not use an exterior audio supply for this video:

Let me clarify why it really works so properly with no exterior mic, and one fast setting adjustment you have to make.

The iPhone is a robust instrument for telling tales, and the very fact you all the time have it with you makes it that rather more highly effective.

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  1. Love that W I D E look. No Xtra layers. Stereo Off. All Business out Back !

  2. Big stuff happening this year!!!! Get it my love! And, for what it’s worth, I vlog solely on my iPhone! 😊💕👍

  3. I love vlogging with my phone. I also love how impressed my family is with my videos when I throw in a random vlog with video from my DSLR after seeing a bunch of phone videos. They be impressed. Keeping grandmudder on her toes.

  4. Another vlog, yess im a phone vloggee for a months now, and also all my vids edited on phone pure phone vlog hahahah skl.

  5. I’m totally with you! I do some legit commercial film work as a side hustle but always loved the idea of vlogging so it’s hard for me to just use my phone as I’m familiar with professional gear. But, I proudly consider myself a casual vlogger and every clog on my channel is shot almost entirely with my iPhone! Much love brother ✌️✌️

  6. This awesome Cody I'm teaching teenagers here in Australia and this simple piece of information from you is awesome thank you so much

  7. I've been going through a similar thought process with my GoPro 7. I know it's not exactly the same scenario. I have all this extra garbage attached to the GoPro for "better vlogging." Strip it down, tell the story, get it done. That's what I'm shooting for this year.

  8. 7 out of 10 hell yes!! Another vlogging in public vid. Awesome job brotha!

  9. Nailed it! Love the tip here about audio settings, but REALLY appreciate the point about using the phone "as is" rather than trying to make it more than that… Or, at least not letting the "add ons" limit you

  10. The LG V-series has been doing this for years with considerably better audio performance. There isn't a single manufacturer that comes close to LGs audio prowess.

    I get thar folks love their iPhones but that nearsightedness results in people missing out on some impressive capabilities.

  11. Cody I loved the cut shots that showed how far away you were from the phone, super helpful!

  12. Great tip. I just got the iphone 11 pro a few days ago so I'll try this out. Thanks!

  13. So true. Looking forward to this year Cody! Been following since September 2018.

  14. Very well done done with the mic settings. Although I dont have an iphone I use a galaxy s9 I'm sure I can find some setting there.👍

  15. Like you have said before the best camera is the one on you

  16. Hey Cody, while vlogging using the front camera is your image in full view on the screen so that others can see what you’re doing as you’re recording? (You’re looking into the front camera while the full screen on the other side of the phone is a monitor for others to view as you record, right?)

    If so, does this make it tougher for you to record or not?

  17. Thanks for the awesome helpful tip Cody really appreciate it.. very helpful and too the point learned a lot from your channel keep up the good awesome content God Bless

  18. Thanks Cody, will definitely give it a try turning the streo setting off, I’ve been using the Shure MV88 to vlog with my 11pro but as you say, I the built in mic could be good enough, it could let me do more, and the stereo sound auto more somehow didn’t feel good enough, I’ll do some quick few comparison tests today 👍🏻

  19. iPhone 11 is arguably the perfect vlog camera. Gr8 vid bro

  20. I agree with you dude! So many people get caught up on what equipment to use to vlog/make other videos that they don't actually end up making anything simply because they're like "oh I don't have the money/equipment to make it." In my opinion, the main point of your video – regardless of whether it's a vlog or not – is to convey a story, and all your equipment is just a way to tell your story just in a slightly better way. Some parts of some of the videos I make are also shot on an iPhone (7 plus that too), and as much as it hurts when thinking that I'm not using my Canon, when I ask people if they can spot the difference while watching the video on a phone, most of them just don't notice it.

    TL, DR – imo, how you tell your story plays a more important role in what you use to tell your story

  21. Dude the ultra wide is so cool on the new iPhone. Makes it the ultimate in pocket shooting setup!

  22. Thanks for this tip and all I use primarily now is my IPhone 11 Pro Max

  23. “You made the choice to use the phone. Use the phone.” I love it. I am an iPhone film maker. This is brilliant.

  24. Nice 👍! Thanks for sharing this tip! 🎯

  25. Man thank you so much! I have been shooting way more of my videos on my iPhone 11 lately. Being able to airdrop has made me so lazy and not picking up my big camera as much anymore.

  26. I have an iPhone 8plus that I use often for recording on the go. I find that the headphones also make a great microphone but I carry a tripod and a Rode Mic LE with me whenever I think that i'll be recording somethign

  27. Love this channel, I just got a new phone with an amazing camera, can't wait to try it out!

  28. Story story story, right?! Gear gets us there, but without story we just got real cool landscape shots.

  29. I don’t like the mic on the iPhone 11, I only use my external mic for vlogging. That said I’m mostly outside and a directional mic with a good wind filler is a must.

  30. I shot this entire video as an experiment on my iPhone 11 Pro back in November https://youtu.be/yzqSSpntYls
    The one thing I couldn't get over was the audio quality…or lack thereof. Might have to try it again now that I know to turn that off 🙂

  31. Wowza… Thank you. I've been using an I phone for all my vlogs because that is all I have. I was always a bit ashamed but needed to vlog so bad it didn't matter. Gonna test that Stereo Audio off.
    These days I've been using the Rode Wireless Go. Sometimes I like it sometimes I DON'T. Your videos are always so helpful. Enjoy seeing you.

  32. Anybody have a solution to recording directly into the iPhone 11…my Roland Go mixer pro currently is not supported on the iPhone 11 to record music tutorials Directly in thru Line input. Thank you for any replies👍🏾

  33. Im loving this vlog! 😍 Very informative! But Apple need to learn that people vlog on the selfie side of the phone! 😂

  34. We both have the same first name and I, like you, wasted money on the rode video micro before the phone came out and I lost so many shots trying to fiddle with the micro like an idiot. Additionally, I wasted money on a wide angle lens, a mirrorless camera body, and a rode mic pro and carried that giant rig when 90 percent of those day light shots could have worked fine on the iPhone. I'm so glad I saw this. SUBSCRIBED!

  35. BRILLIANT, stereo sound now switched OFF🤙🏻 Great tip, many thanks Cody

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