Second Cinematic Anamorphic Lens with DJI Osmo Cell three and Zhiyun Easy four Gimbal Evaluation

Second Anamorphic Lens –
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Second Cinematic Anamorphic Lens with DJI Osmo Cell three and Zhiyun Easy four Gimbal Evaluation

Filmed with:
Canon EOS M50 –
15 – 45mm lens –
Microphone –
Digicam M50 Batteries –
Canon M6 Mark ii –

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  1. I have a question for you about the Zhiyun Smooth 4 and the Galaxy S10. Is there anyway we could discuss this topic in detail through email?

  2. Hello Zdenka. I have the same phone and the Anamorphic lens from Moment. I'm using the Freefly Movi gimbal, and although it feels much stronger than the previous Osmo 2 I had. When using the Movi app I can see the gimbal's arm. I definitely have to get their expensive counterweight kit. For now, I'm using FilmicPro, but can get all features of the Movi app. A bit disappointed about that. Great setup tough.

  3. You can get counterweights for the gimble

  4. They sell counterweights for the OSMO mobile 3

  5. I have the iPhone 8+ it is heavy but I also have the moment lenses and to stop the gimble from making any kind of noises I have to balance it by using counterweights then there is no problem on the OSMO mobile 3 has a spot on it for counterweights have a good day I love your videos

  6. Super videa:). Budu se muset doučit anglického jazyka :). Škoda že něco podobného nedělá někdo i v češtině. Mě osobně nejvíc zaujali cinematic videa z mobilu, je to super 🙂 Rád bych se to naučil a využil v práci. Díky za inspiraci 🙂

  7. Love those moments lens next on my shopping list, Would it work with my Samsung s7?

  8. Ahoj, which mic should I use for vlogs with osmo 3 ? Lav or shotgun ?

  9. Great stuff! I’ve been on the fence with getting a gimbal with my new 11 pro max. I’ll also be using ND filters on top of the Moment lenses though, and truth be told I don’t trust many gimbals out there right not. It’s quite a heavy phone and don’t wanna buy the wrong one. Can you recommend anything for me?

    I’m subbed either way.

  10. I balance it horizontally aswell as vertically on osmo 3.

  11. Hi Zdenka! I'm using a Note 9 (similar size and weight to your S10+) with the Osmo Mobile 3 and Moment Anamorphic lens. I use a set of Ulanzi counterweights (Amazon) and haven't had any issues. I even use a Gobe ND filter with it. My big complaint with Moment is the weight of their filter mount. The 37mm filter mount for use with their phone case (without there lenses) is ridiculously heavy and requires all of my counterweights to balance once a superlight stepup ring and Gobe Variable ND filter are added. There is no reason that @Moment couldn't build this filter mount out of much lighter material much like a step up ring IMO.

  12. Nice work as usual👌how can I get ur private msg box😁am ur big
    Fan,I love ur all videos bcz ur a beautiful flower😁👌❤️

  13. Moment actually stated that DJI designed the gimbal to withstand the weight of the anamorphic lense from Moment

  14. Thank you for your opinion, I was thinking the Anamorphic lens would be too heavy with the Osmo 3. You have confirmed my thoughts

  15. Great video as usual… have you reviewed the Ulanzi anamorphic lens?.. it’s getting great reviews and is a lot cheaper than it’s rivals!.

  16. Again you just answered the question I’ve been looking for for a while! Thanks!

  17. Can the osmo 3 handle galaxy s10 with any moment lenses?

  18. Thank you for this video Zdenka this is exactly what I wanted to know if dji motors could handle the moment lens. I have a sandmarc anamorphic lens and ND filters and an iPhone 11 Pro Max there is no way Dji could handle the weight. I looked into Freefly Movi cinema robot that seems to be the best.

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