The Apple iPad Air 2019 / iPad Professional 2018 – The right laptop computer alternative in 2020!

The Apple iPad Air (2019 model) is an amazingly highly effective system. I’ll present you why it has turn out to be a laptop computer alternative for me and why it is going to be my journey laptop computer any longer.

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  1. My daughter has the 256 gb air with Apple keyboard and pen. It does everything we need, but they're are 2 things it doesn't have for me at work. One is a numeric keypad and the other is support for my barcode printer. If I could get those 2 things to work I could use one full time, or a Chromebook if that would do it. Right now, stuck on Windows!

  2. The only thing I know that I can’t do on an iPad is complicated Excel formulas. For example, I have one Excel file that is about 22mb and will not work on iPad, online Excel and requires Windows Excel 2010 / Mac Excel 2011 or newer.

  3. I'm currently using Lumafusion on my iPhone 11, so I can't wait to get my iPad Pro.

  4. Once Office 365 became a thing on iPad, a laptop probably isn't necessary for most people. Once my laptop dies, I'm switching to the same setup you have.

  5. I have been using an iPad since 5 years as a laptop replacement. There were some very rare occasions I needed a laptop but other than that, I never regretted using an iPad. Only time I really need a laptop, windows or Mac is when I have to do data analysis using SPSS or R. Tablets cannot run those programmes.

  6. Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes. Yes. Yes.

  7. I picked up the 10.2 iPad along with the apple keyboard and Apple Pencil in December. I have turned this into my full time laptop replacement. I have been able to use Microsoft apps to sync all my work and use the pencil for everything to edit/calendar and is basically a mouse replacement as well. I have enjoyed the experience so far and have not missed my laptop yet at all.

  8. interesting! i have been considering this. does the browser open up like a regular browser on a laptop or is mobile view? i do a lot of screen recording with voice over. can you connect a microphone via usb? will it accept it recognise it?

  9. Great video, thanks.
    I'm waiting to see what Apple releases in March 2020 to replace my 2017 iPad Pro 12.9".

    I'm hoping for an iPad Air 4 or new 2020 Pro's sooner rather than later.

  10. LumaFusion is the best video editing app I’ve used, and cheap only 30 $ Canadian, compared to the subscription ones out there, with less features,

  11. I need my laptop to be compatible with a wide variety of software and peripherals, not just what Apple wants me to have. I need browser support that is not limited. I need a device that does not require me to add dongles to use it properly. I am a music professional, I need to run full versions of DAWS. I need this and a ton more that an iPad cannot handle in its current form. But nice try with your recent push to spread the apple narrative. One company will never be able to fill everyone's needs. This is my inherent problem with apple and its echo system, it pretends it can be. Apple makes quality, overpriced gadgets, but make no mistake, despite claims to the contrary, you can get the same experiences elsewhere for less!

  12. If only the iPad can support Chrome with extensions then I could go full iPad.

  13. Last year I replaced both my laptop and iPad with Huawei Matebook X Pro and iPad Air 3. I'm retired so I don't have any 'work' to do and yes I can do pretty much everything on the iPad. But somethings aren't as great. I'm in China and learning Chinese so use RosettaStone. It's far better on the laptop.and browser experience is far better too. But somethings are better on the ipad/iPhone: my Chinese dictionary Pleco for example.

    I have a Logitech Smart Folio keyboard which sounds just like yours, but more expensive! I use an Apple pencil and love it.

  14. PS I love your dramatic presentations!

  15. I write and surf the web and do emails. I need a trackpad. I have an iPad, but I had to get a Chromebook for travel and everyday use. iPad is awesome, app store is incredible, but not having full trackpad integration is a real hindrance for me. That USB-C speed comparison is insane.

  16. XCODE is the only reason I bought a MacBook Air. My 12.9 is enough computer for me. That being said – Afinity on Mac is better

  17. What abt using external hard drives? Might need a dongle ✌️

  18. Got rid of my Samsung notebook in 2011 when I got my iPad 2 . The wife and myself have never used anything else since . Not owned a P.C. Or laptop since that time and are currently both using iPad Pro’s 11 inch ….

  19. Just love the iPad …
    Had about 6 of them and love my 11 inch Pro.

    I don't understand how they brought out any devices that still use the lightning port, it's a pain … And 2020 should be USB C for all Apple devices, period !
    The experience with the dedicated apps is just great, I love it.

    Do wish to see some updates for IpadOS and it would be perfect.

  20. Please do review on taotronic bh46 gold color

  21. Planning on jumping in to unfamiliar waters. And give IOS a try this year. Been a Android user since the begining. Did try iPhone back when the 4s came out. Time to see how much it's changed.

  22. Well why not just use your phone for almost everything you speak of. Majority of people surf the net or do social media. No reason to buy an expensive tablet just because you might need something occasionally. Travis your argument actually supports why not to buy one. For your workflow it makes sense, but for the majority it makes no sense since they have a larger phone screen already.

  23. I wonder why Instagram hasn’t made a iPad app yet…

  24. Travis – you mention about software, I am not worry about software on ipad. How about hardware USb-c against lightning accessories? Do you loose much if you use sdcard, hdmi, or other accesories related to video? Thinking of getting ipad Air 2019 rather than getting ipad pro with usbc

  25. Multi-tasking? No? Back to the laptop

  26. Once they add proper mouse support (not what they have now) I'd be down

  27. I’ve been looking at the latest iPad 10.2”, I’m curious if it can also do video editing and if there is a way to attach a external usb drive to it so I can work with my files.

  28. Whats the app that you use again for editing videos on ipad?

  29. Would you recommend this for a college student?

  30. I sold my Windows laptop and Huawei P30 Pro and went all out for the iPad Pro 2018 11” and an iPhone 11 this year. With the introduction of iPad OS it was a no brainier for the type of things I do. Apps like Luma and Affinity Photo…Procreate etc were a massive factor in why I brought my work flow over to IOS. The USB C Port with the addition of snap on my extra ports dongle ( forget its actual name), Apple Pencil, Logi Tech Slim Folio Pro Andy option of a mouse, I am ready to go . I use my Canon EOS M50 and its WiFi app to transfer over my pictures and video files ,I have an external San DIsk SSD and use AIr Drop when using my iPhone set up with a a Vlog Pocket gimbal, Shure Mic MV88 ( seriously thinking of selling off my Canon M50)……. The fact is I have all I need for on the go and even when at home I have absolutely no need of a desktop computer. It is the not only the laptop replacement for me but the everything replacement. I am not gamer, I am a creative. This suits me for everything

  31. Great video man. You know what's one thing I'm having trouble finding to have an iPad replace my laptop? Chrome extensions =( I work in digital marketing and rely on a couple of key extensions that provide functionality that, in some cases, isn't even available on the extension's website.

  32. You should have bought an iPad Pro 10.5 renewed.

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