AirPods Professional Evaluation 2 Months Later! – May I Ever Go Again?!

Now that I’ve had my AirPod Professionals for somewhat over 2 months now, I’ve some recent insights. On this video I will share how/after I use the Professionals, a couple of “dangerous” issues (which had been actually arduous to search out, actually) after which I reply a few of the most looked for AirPod Professionals questions.

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  1. Much shorter video are appreciated. No one needs 100 examples of what you listen too. Trying to get pass 10 minutes of video to earn more, hurts you if you don't have anything to discuss for 10 minutes.

  2. I honestly don’t like the new ones. I just can’t get past the silicone tips I was hoping I could but it’s just so bad. Idk if it’s just me but they pick up way more earwax and it slides out of my ear easily. I constantly clean my ears idk I’ve always had problems with sick ones

  3. I was gonna sub. But as soon as you complained about wear & tear of your Air Pods Pro? Smh, did you really describe that so called issue??

  4. Something sientific like that? Lol

  5. Anyone know how to get the AirPods to stay in place when working out? I feel like after a few sets they shift a bit and I need to readjust

  6. I ordered mine at the start of January and the delivery date is on the 30th 😂

  7. What if someone comes up behind you and snatched them out of your ears?

  8. @DailyTekk, thanks for all your helpful tips!

  9. I was tired of how uncomfortable the Echo Buds were and then what that direct deposit should go to hit me. Bought the second-to-last pair my nearest Apple Store had.
    After almost 2 weeks of owning a pair, I haven't touched any other earbuds. Absolutely worth the $249.

  10. Those complaints are because you messed it up

  11. My problem with Airpods is yes they are convenient. But the sound at that price is average.

  12. I just got mines last week & one slipped outta ear my second day of using them & I gotta dent in my left one already.

  13. They don’t fit me and for me they don’t sound good. The fit and quality o the smallest over the ear headphones I could find are far superior for me. Try before you buy on these puppies.

  14. Thanks for trying to find issues 😂

  15. The only time I use my old air pods is when I run out of battery half way through a movie I’ll pop the old ones in for 5 minutes and pop my new pros back .

  16. I tried a pair at the Apple Store and they still feel like they’d fall out of my ears if I’m moving my head around a lot. Instead I picked up a pair of JLAB sport air buds and they have basically the same features for a lot less money and I’m happy with them, and they are securely fitted in my ears and I know they won’t ever fall out.

  17. I had a problem with connectivity once too. All you have to do is hold the button on the back of the case until it turns white. Then Reconnect them. I did that and I’ve never had a problem with connectivity again.

  18. Daily Tekk, your video looks really really good. Could you make a video for our wireless earbuds?

  19. is the ANC really that good for the compensation of the battery life? or should i get the Airpods 2?

  20. It sounds to like it took you longer to come up with BS excuses to not like these than to make the actual video.

  21. Love your videos man , keep them coming

  22. I would use my old AirPods when my Pros are charging up while I am out

  23. This is so classic from an Apple fan. "Other companies are copying Apple but with weird designs…" Most of those he showed pre-date Airpods (at least in gen 1 forms). Apple did not, in any way, invent truly wireless earbuds, they invented white ones with stalks that only work with Apple phones.

    Most fanboys will now, with the Airpods Pro, think Apple invented ANC. smh

  24. I had the original AirPods, then my wife got me a pair of the Pros but ended up returning them and bought the AirPods V2. The Pros hurt my head and always slid out. The original pods fit and feel great

  25. How about less intro and more get to the review? /constructive critisism

  26. Did you really use a book called Darwin’s Doubt and science in the same sentence?

  27. Ok Chris you cost me $299.00 today❗️I had to drive my wife for a Doctors appointment today and we were early so I stopped by Best Buy and guess what I came out with, yes you are correct❗️I set in the Doctors waiting room and listened to music, all your fault❗️THANKS❗️👍✅

  28. Can airpods pro maintain simultaneous connection with more than one device, just like Multi-point technology in bose 700?

  29. Not to be mean, but that’s the reason why we have cases

  30. What iphone case were you using on your phone? Silicone?

  31. I have a question can you charge the airpods pro case with a lightening to usb cable?

  32. I’d like a volume control on the stems

  33. Wow, apple REALLY pays him well😅

  34. This was an insanely helpful video, and honest which i liked. You pointed out the truth.

  35. It's not only inconvenient if you have long hair. Try wearing a beanie over them with NC/transparency mode turned on.

  36. What case are you using with your iPhone?

  37. It can cause cancer because of the electro magnetic fields witch is connected to Bluetooth

  38. I wouldn't have ever thought that any one could ever talk about air pods for 15 minutes.

  39. Nice video! I'm listening to your video with AirPods 1. My Pros come tomorrow. I'll watch again with them and compare. My 1's sound good to me. I hope the Pro's will be better!

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