Getting The Finest Out Of Bixby Routines

Welcome to the house of the very best How-to guides in your Samsung Galaxy wants. In at present’s video, we are going to go over Bixby Routines. For some, you have not touched it. For Others, you will have tried it and for the Few, You are utilizing it. This may hopefully get you into utilizing it extra.

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  1. Can someone tell me why do I have note 10+ and I updated to one UI 2.0 but i cant turn it on?? Am I stupid or hahaha…

  2. Is this available on the note 9 and is there and update on when they'll push out the jan updates for devices ?

  3. This is nice, but I'm sticking with Tasker…

  4. My galaxy s9 came with this and samsung took it off us and gave it to the s10 instead ……. wankers

  5. Some of my favourite routines:

    – Turn off wifi when car Bluetooth connection is established
    – Turn on wifi when I get home
    – Turn on always on display when charging
    – If time is between midnight and 6am and phone isn't charging, turn on medium power saving mode
    – If incoming call, flash the flashlight while ringing

    Would be great to hear some other good ones from people 🙂

  6. I can not set up Save battery at night, please help

  7. I've been using Routines for a year now. Absolutely love it

  8. not related to the video but i have a question. i have a note 9 512 model. was wondering how to add languages to the translate window page after you take out the s-pen and select translate? msg me back if i need to go into more detail.

  9. How do I get bixby back I have samsung daily beta?

  10. The movie one don't make sense. You can just click do not disturb in the quick toggles instead of opening Bixby routines

  11. I just have battery set up if it gets below 40 percent saver comes on automatically. All the help I need

  12. Most useful feature that saves a lot of battery when traveling

  13. New to Bixby routine and Love it

  14. note 9 is going to get bixby routines with one ui 2.0 ?

  15. These could be a lot more useful if I were able to pick specific notification sounds instead of just "beep once." Right now I use an app called Macrodroid which has a lot more options. What's I'm not clear about is which uses more battery.

  16. Aren’t you a good boy…..’I have yt music’ . Yep, that’s the way. Keep supporting the information frauds and shadow masking cretonians just like they are doing nothing wrong. Next, bend over the couch and wait for them to give you another treat..

  17. Thanks I've never fooled with routines. Seems very useful, I'll play with them now.

  18. I have a few:
    1. Turn on NFC when using Samsung Pay.
    2. At work: Turn on Vibration Mode, Wifi, Bluetooth & Mobile Data.
    3. At home: Turn on Sound Mode, Wifi & turn off Bluetooth & Mobile Data.
    4. 1am-7am: Medium power saving, tap to show AOD.
    5. My workplace mosque: Media volume 0%, Do not disturb on. (could be useful for other places of worship really that you frequent)

  19. Is Bixby still a thing? Thought Samsung would have dropped this dead duck by now

  20. I love routines, but… mine haven't worked right since my S10 updated to Android 10 and Bixby decided to update to Samsung Daily. Even simple things like keeping my phone unlocked when I'm connected to my car's bluetooth no longer work consistently. Seems like I have a 50/50 shot of routines actually engaging… and even they're not working, they say they are running in the status bar up top when I swipe down.

  21. Hi there
    And thanks for going through and showing me how to set up Bixby routines it's been very helpful, I was wondering if you could explain how to add Bixby routines to the widget edge panel as I have seen this done but I cannot find how to do this myself,anyone with any info would be most appreciated

  22. But your alarm can run for 7 days. I don't have to use Bixby routines for that. My problem with routine is to get apps like 1Spotmedia to open and play TVJ. I would like to use routine to send WhatsApp or text messages

  23. I love my s10+ and I also have an iPad. I noticed that on iPad the IFTTT ( Shortcuts ) there is a plethora of ways to creat a routine, even scripting, and even download shortcuts others created. And I’d love to do the same Bixby routines. Is it possible to script Bixby routines? Is there a place where people share their Bixby routines? I’d love to see a more complex Bixby routines set up.

  24. Can I get Bixby routines on my s9 plus?

  25. Hi Jimmy, I have a question: what is the difference between Bixby Routines and Routines? Are they make the same actions?
    Thanks and good video.

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