iPad Professional 11" vs 12.9" 2018/2020 | IN-DEPTH Dimension Comparability!

Ya’ll have been ready for this one 😀 On this video I’m going into depth on my intensive expertise with each the iPad Professional 11″ and the iPad Professional 12.9″ (that I not too long ago picked up) within the realm of faculty and private work. I firstly go over portability/footprint points, then conduct a speaker high quality take a look at, speak battery life after which go in depth evaluating lots of the iPad Professional apps we love aspect by aspect to be able to provide you with an concept as to what to anticipate from every kind issue. I then get into why you need to go greater or smaller in regard to cost and display screen actual property.


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  1. I'm holding out in case Apple announces a Ipad mini pro (unlikely). But I'd love that.

  2. Exactly the comparison I was looking for, Amazing!

  3. No one else will ask but if you aren’t going to use the 11” you can always send it out to me

  4. Finally a left hander!!!

    I have a question, will laying my hand while using the pen affect anything

  5. recently bought 11 ”, now I regret that I did not buy 12’9

  6. I got the 11” at first, but ended up really wanting the 12.9” instead. So now I have both. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  7. If you do any photo editing or video editing go with the 12.9in. Trust me you’ll really appreciate the extra screen space. If you just use it for school and taking note, then go with the 11in. But! The 12.9 is a beautiful machine and I wouldn’t take the 11in.

  8. I took the 11" because I use it as a book to study.
    also, I have the 12.9" older version but I don't use it after I bought the new one.

    I use the iPad Pro 11" for stuff like.
    1-taking notes in class and study books using Goodnotes (its very good for highlighting) because of its mobility. I can't hold the 12.9" to study for hours.
    2-reading manga and watching anime

  9. Spent some time scouring his notes for the +C….. rip only limits tho lmao

  10. The battery definitively drains more quickly on the 12.9 iPad. I have both first gen and the 2018 models and the battery definitively don't last as long as other models. Other than that its the best iPad to get but because of the battery life I tend to use my iPad air 3 more frequently.

  11. you can just get a surface book 2 tablet module as a 13-inch laptop replacement screen thing.

  12. This absolutely f**king ridiculous. How many damn ads do I have to watch during a 22 minutes video? I’m not sure if this is set by the video creator or YouTube but the fact that I get more ads breaks than watching a damn tv show for 20 minutes, it’s just ridiculous. I can’t even finish watching the video because it just keeps breaking my attention to what’s being said and I completely lost my interest.

  13. So basically to sum it all up the 12.9 inch iPad is better to use because of the screen size!

  14. But i buy 12.9 because it is very good to see 3d porn video on it

  15. I sold my old iPad Pro 12.9 1. Gen to buy the 11“ one. Absolutely perfect size for university & netflix👌🏻

  16. Your video is very helpful! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences!

  17. 2 additional inches for ads? 11” it is!!!

  18. 3:22 he opens YouTube on the 12.9" and its Doug loool

  19. Im so poor i cant even afford 1 ipad pro 🙁 can you give me one of your's??please???

  20. I get way more battery usage out of my iPad Pro 9.7 and it’s a 3 year old battery. I feel like you have some useless settings turned on or you’re doing something extremely wrong

  21. Lol is this rlly a question… 12.9 best

  22. Personally prefer the 11 inch iPad Pro, as its far more compact, so its portable and easy to handle. though 12.9 inch model's battery, audio and display real-state is little better than the 11 inch model, it is nothing to sneeze at. Both are amazing device, so either one will give you an amazing experience. It was a pretty detailed video, thanks for sharing it with us.

  23. anyone know if I can trade in my 12.9 inch for a 11 inch iPad at the apple store? I just purchased the 12.9 one and I already regret it.

  24. Thank you for the comparison. I have the iPad Pro 9.7 inch and I think it’s time to upgrade. I just go back and forth between these two sizes. The heaviness of the 12.9 I’d what will probably push me to the 11 inch.

  25. Is it worth getting used from ebay? Looking at iPad pro 12.9 or surface pro for drawing and watching streaming.

  26. Who else watches all these gadget reviews but never considers buying them?

  27. First world luxury… we still write on paper in class where I’m from… 😅

  28. I’m going with 12.9 inch I hav eye problem

  29. Great video dude keep up the good werk

  30. I want I ipad mini 5 size ipad with full bezel less screen with latest specs I'm sold

  31. Can you connect the 11" to the 12.9" and use as a second monitor?

  32. I want the 12.9 but with all bend videos I’ve seen it’s in my head, have you had any issues? Do you use a case?

  33. Sometimes I wonder if I made a mistake getting the 11-inch instead of the 12.9-inch. But then, I also use my ipad in bed a lot and bring it with me everywhere, plus the desks at my college are extremely small, so I definitely think I purchased the right size for my needs. I think I just feel a tiny bit desire for the 12.9-inch bc it looks so good when I see other ppl w theirs haha.

  34. Got the 12’9 and returned it for the 11”. Using it like a tablet and playing games it’s the perfect size. The 12’9 is just too big to comfortably hold and type etc. if you want a bigger but still portable device, get a MacBook Air 13” imho.

  35. Don’t have a tv, use the iPad Pro 12.9 as my tv. Works. Got everything

  36. I would go for the 11 inch because of the portability and the control

  37. Eight fu**ing adds?? Are you serious?

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