Is My 16" MacBook Professional A Lemon? Do I Remorse Shopping for? (Evaluation Followup: Freezing, Restarting Points)

My 16″ MacBook Professional is legitimately superior… 97% of the time. Sadly, it is had some points: random restarts, freezes the place the display goes black however the keyboard stays lit up and I’ve to pressure restart, bother turning again on… On this replace I will inform you how I have been (attempting) to make use of it, what my Apple help expertise has been like to date and the place issues stand proper now. This video took an attention-grabbing twist forcing me to re-shoot the ending whereas I used to be enhancing…

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My unique 16″ MacBook Professional Evaluation:

0:37 – Describing the problems I have been having
2:12 – What I take advantage of this pc for…
3:04 – My Apple Assist expertise
6:31 – Ideas on shopping for new {hardware} straight away vs ready…
11:19 – Do I remorse shopping for this machine?

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  1. I have one too and I love it I primarily use it for music using the ableton live daw and I use various plug ins it’s working smoothly and I love it I feel your frustration and I hope you get to enjoy a full day of productivity without the setbacks I feel the same way about the PS5 when it will be released I don’t want to be a guinea pig

  2. I have exactly the same 16 inch MBP … maxed out but with only 4TB SSD. I haven’t had any issues whatsoever. It is working perfectly.

  3. "It just works" isn't true anymore, but Apple as a company is more valuable than ever. Just another modern paradox.

  4. It's not just the 16' I think it's Catalina. My 15' works perfectly when rolling back to Mojave. Give it a try but it's a hassle.

  5. I have the same problems with my 2018 MacBook Pro. It was working perfectly until after I updated to Catalina. DO NOT UPDATE TO CATALINA, THERE ARE SO MANY PROBLEMS

  6. I’m sorry to hear of your problems with your laptop. Definitely frustrating! It’s been my experience that sometimes Apple geniuses don’t know as much as we think they do. I had problems for YEARS with one of my laptops and had it in to Apple at least 15 times. They never got it right. I took I to an Apple certified repair place and “voila”, whatever it was they fixed it. That might be another option for you. As good as Apple can be they don’t replace items that quickly. Hope everything works out for you.

  7. This has me a bit concerned as my 16” with identical spec to yours arrives tomorrow 🙀🙀🙀

  8. A customer of mine has a 2015 retina 15 inch mbp and he has the same black screen issue when it comes out of hibernation now and then.

  9. Clean install 10.15.2 and take care apps you install. Keep it simple but this is a problem with Catalina (it was real bad in 10.15.1) black screen of death resume problem and it effected all mac's!

  10. I had the exact same frozen problem with my MBP 2017 for almost one year, but after a time it stopped doing that, probably after an update.
    But yeah these MBP's have lots of problems that they should not have, as The OS is done specifically for their hardware.
    So I think they want to push everything to the very limits or they do not test enough the OS/hardware compatibility, or they do not have good enough programmers and hardware engineers or the communication between them is not good enough.
    In my opinion, they have created a really good infrastructure over the years and in the last years they have tried to be as cheap as possible resulting in a good looking product but with really bad quality, and for those who are really used with all this ecosystem, including me, is really bad as it cost us lots of money, and if you buy these products outside US is even worst.

  11. Did it get fixed? I have exactly the same configuration arriving within 7 days. I'll get ya a coffee 🙂

  12. My MBP 15" (2016) has been having these issues since Catalina, still years better than the experience with Windows, but it is a bummer.

  13. Thanks Chris I was thinking of upgrading but I won’t bother it’s an expensive upgrade

  14. This is DEFINITELY a widespread issue that Apple has been quietly blaming on hardware, NOT Catalina software issues. Here's thread I've been following on their support community since October. 61 pages and counting with thousands affected.

  15. So bad 🙂 I wish you will find a solution. In my music studio, I use an old Macbook 2009 4gb Ram with 4 external monitors to display different music sheets for every musician. A running metronome is also displayed on all screens (5 screens including the Macbook screen). My Macbook also controls music keyboards, effect modules and lights.. all of this while I record 12 audio tracks! You should try using only your Macbook (without external hardware and without special software, use only Final Cut) for a while then add them one by one testing each hardware or app for few days before adding anything new.

  16. Hehehehe

    Don't expect anything from MacBook Pro, I got the i9 version and it sucks. Super throttled when encoding a 1080p video

  17. Unfortunately, the wake-up issue and the black screen are a problem for all MBs. You have to close the display and open it. Maybe they'll fix it eventually.

  18. I agree, OMG plus the battery is BAD there is no way it takes 11h… I was only reading PDFs and it took me only 5.5 hours total … Great video! Apple is indeed loosing it … I paid $4500 =(

  19. let's be realistic.

    The gpu in these mac books is trash.

    The GPU is on part with a geforce 780 desktop from 2013.
    go spend the same money on a laptop with a quadro rtx 5000m and watch the performance double.

    as usual, apple rapes it's customers with outdated hardware and stupid gimmicks.

  20. Thank goodness you specified your lunch was vegan. Wouldn't want the vegan police to come after you

  21. Hey Chris, I bought a 2019 MBA in October and have the exact same issues with the Mac not booting up when I opened the lid, with having to press the Touch ID for five seconds before seeing the Apple logo. I don’t think it’s LG, my issues happened when I had zero external accessories connected. I don’t know what 3rd party apps are causing the problem, but I only use Mac apps other than MS Office.

  22. Apple doesn't have any technicians, just monkeys who go by protocol and a bit of marketing here and there.

    Also obligatory "It JuSt WoRkS"

  23. I find that when I put my 2019 13" MacBook often times has the same issue about restarting with a notice that the computer was restarted for an issue. I just assumed that it was because of the Catalina beta I was running, but this sounds like what you are going through.

  24. I just received my 16” MacBook Pro & had the same three issues with mine & I spoke to Apple support & I’m getting mine replaced. But I will have to wait until mid feb to receive my replacement because like you mine is a septic out model.

  25. Catalina is the the Windows Vista of macOS, the worst version every had to downgrade to Mojave and the only issue now is that I cannot use safari cause time machine installed Catalina version of it

  26. I wouldnt recommend gaming on windows because the fan curve is set for mac os not (not hardware side) windows so it overheats easier.. Aka youll thermal throttle a lot easier on windows via bootcamp.

  27. My Windows 7 Professional in a Parallels Pro 15.1.2 VM is horribly slow or hangs on my maxed out mid 2015 MacBook Pro running Catalina 10.15.3.  Are there any fixes (software, coding or otherwise) for this problem?  If not, I will have to revert to Mojave as everything ran perfectly in that OS?

  28. had the exact same problems with my old 2010 macbook

  29. Any updates? Did you get it fixed? Did you RMA it?

  30. This is definitly a problem with MBP when connecting to an external monitor. At this point there is a big thread on apple forums about this problem.

  31. You have the maxed out version of the MacBook Pro 16", sounds like it is shutting down due to a overheating issue. You might very well not be able to see this with tests like the hardware test. Everything is working fine, your computer as a whole is not coping with the heat generated in certain situations.

  32. Does your MBP work OK if you don’t use it with the LG display ?

  33. i just bought this . it's dead.
    cannot charge it. Tried SMC reset.. not even a remorse… not turning on…

  34. It IS a hardware issue, and it IS widespread. It's on the Apple forums, and Apple has acknowledged it. You've been played.

  35. Hi! Thanks for the video! You have also problems so i don't feel alone!
    I have the same problems and i am really not happy with such an expensive laptop. After many hours on Apple Support here is my experience : 1) Creating a second APFS Volume and installing Catalina didn't help! 2) Deleting hard disk and installing Catalina didn't also help. So the Mac had only Catalina and i even didn't use my Apple ID and Mac was restating, i couldn't make it shut down, and at the beginning i was waiting to restart 4 to 5 times until finally loads Catalina. Of course with no other apps, or third party accessories just fresh install of Catalina!!! So i didn't have an alternative and i sent it to local Apple Service in order to check and inform me what is going on! So i am 2 days now without my Mac and no news yet from Apple Service!!! When i have news i will write you back!

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