January 2020 Stamp Membership Reveal

Congrats to final months winner of our $50 Present Card: Nicole Biel

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  1. Ok can someone tell me how to stamp it so the doors are open on the sink????

  2. Adorable! Yep, it’s another winner! Thanks Maymay. Definitely adding this one to my wish list! How do you think your Mama got sooo wise😂😂😂 Hugs and blessings.

  3. We had an Electrolux vacuum cleaner that looked just like that growing up….I know…I'm dating myself 🤣🤣. Such a cute set!

  4. Super cute stamp set. The cards are just darling. Looking forward to receiving this stamp set.

  5. Mom is always right! 🤣 Love the stamp set and the samples are awesome!

  6. We hang dry all of our clothes too.

  7. This is a great stamp set!!! I can't wait to get it!!! My mom always had a sweeper like that! It does get caught on things but when your sweeping something always gets stuck on something!!! Lol!!! Anyway I always feel guilty when I go craft and I need to clean! I love that tag, such a great idea!!! Thanks,hugs💗👵

  8. It is really darling. I need to make a card for my so helpful hubby who does so much housework.

  9. I particularly love the creativity of your tag where it looks like you only got one pass across the carpet with the vacuum before running off to craft. Funny story, as you would say. When I grew up, my mom had an upright vacuum but when I married, my husband was a big fan of what his mother had, a canister. I hated that thing! It was always at least one room behind me, chipping the paint off the corners as I desperately tried to move it into the room I had moved into it. I left it behind for good when I left him (not to make light of a broken marriage). In spite of the initial reaction to that drawing, I think it’s adorable now, probably because the only thing I’m going to do with THAT canister vacuum is have some crafty fun. Adorable stamp set!

  10. I just can’t wait to get my stamp set, I love it!!!

  11. Cute, cute stamp! I can't wait to see more cards creations!💕

  12. I totally need this stamp set. I’m going to stamp and cut out the sink to put it in my purse. This way, when someone says, “You’ve got everything but the kitchen sink in there” I can show them that I do. 🤣

  13. So cute xxx can’t wait to play about xxx

  14. So cute! You always create the cutest stuff, Maymay!

  15. What a great set for creative people who’d rather craft than most anything else!

  16. My father sold Electrolux vacuum cleaners as a part-time job and the vacuum in the stamp set looks just like one of the old Electrolux ones! They lasted for years and there are still some of the old one in existence. I have one that looks like the one on the stamp. Unfortunately, the company got bought out by another one and Electrolux is no longer the same brand.


  18. OH…MY…GOSH! I have to have it!
    My granddaughter loves to get in the corner cabinet!

  19. This stamp set is so perfect and true of all of us crafters!!! Thanks, Maymay and Mandy, for this adorable set!

  20. Adorable I can’t wait to get this stamp set! Love your samples so adorable 😍

  21. We built onto our home 3 years ago adding a master suite of 24×28 I have a huge walk in closet the one thing that my husband did for me was to put in a washer and dryer in that walk in closet love it!! I do have a 7 bedroom 3 bathroom home, with a special needs daughter and parents living with me it was the smartest thing my husband ever did for me. I do have a washer and dryer in the basement which my 24 year old son uses.

  22. When my husband and I were looking to buy a house, I did not want a house with stairs because my husband isn't well and I have bummed knees. He always says "I'll just get me a chair lift". Nope, not gonna let that happen either. Lol!! Love these stamps. The more I see you use them, the more I would love to try them out. I lack some imagination but I still want to try them.

  23. Cute! What portable washing machine?

  24. Regarding inconvenient laundry setups:

    I have to go out my front door, down a flight of stairs, along a walkway next to the house and in the side door of my garage….and I LOVE IT!🥰🥰
    I spent FIVE YEARS dragging my laundry to the laundromat before moving to this house.
    I hope to never have to use a laundromat again!!! 😖

    Maymay, be grateful for your blessings, large and small.

  25. This stamp set is just a hoot.  You mentioned your brother liked to get into cabinets when he was a kid.  My sister and I used to put our brother in the dryer and Spin Him.  Oh my goodness, what were we thinking?  But, he did like it.  I'm just glad the microwave wasn't invented yet!!!  LOL

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