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One Valentine reward we HIGHLY advocate are JMK robes 😉 Proper now we’re providing free home transport now through Feb. ninth, and a bundle deal of 10% off in the event you order each Dawn and After-Hours gown collectively! Order by Feb.10th and get them earlier than Vday!!!

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In search of a final minute valentine reward thought for her or him?! Hope this valentine reward thought video is useful!


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  1. nice touch on the starburst Judy 😂

  2. Benjis face cracked me up when he pulled out the starburst. 😂😂😂 "OHHHHH"

    Love you guys so much!!

  3. you guys are precious, ugh goals seriously!

  4. Yaasss loved every bit of it!! ❤️❤️

  5. “What are the starbursts for?…. OH ooohhh” 😂☠️

  6. Been watching you since before you had the girls, & not much has changed! I aspire to have a marriage & family like you guys! ❤️😇

  7. Benji is soo romantic!! Hes soo good to you! You guys are sooo adorable! Ive always been the romantic one surprising my other S/O. Time and affection is so important to me in a relationship, without it its hopeless to me. I hope one day to have a relationship with a man that cherishes me and shows me that kind of love. ❤❤ You guys are such a beautiful family. I remember when you guys didnt even have the girls yet. I love seeing you guys grow and build so much together.

  8. How do you have sexy time when your kids are super attached to you and your husband works from 3am to 3pm (but doesn’t get home until like 6) just to go to sleep right away and works on Saturdays so all he wants to do is sleep but when Sunday rolls around we do “family day” and then come home for him to just fall asleep by 9 because he has to work at 3am and you don’t go “out” just you two because both families don’t like watching our crazy ass children that never sleep, also because your super insecure about how your body looks after you carried two 8lb babies until 41 weeks? 😔😒

  9. My husband says valentiMEs too😂 drives me nuts!! Haha!!

  10. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ THATS WHY I LOVE THEM

  11. Click bait master. Nothing was worth censoring, including the inch of cleavage.

  12. Now we know how Baby L was made😘 I adore you guys so much❤️😘

  13. "Valentime" 😂😂❤💕❤💕
    Man, I love you guys!!! Have me all smiley & blushing!!

  14. Hahaahaa I am deaddddddd Benji if your wife want you to wear that fishnet looking thang you know you gonna hahaha! I looove you guyssss! Yessss Judy you betta werrrrk with that sexy robe of yours created by youuuuu and your sexy lingerie! 🤗🤗🤗🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 I love you guys!

  15. Does Benji have a scar on his neck/collar bone area?? What's it from?

  16. Omg I forgot about u guys I watched your channel years ago used to love u 🌹

  17. Wow never felt so lonely after Benji talked about the candlelight dinner lol 😭😂

  18. food and sexy time….just described every man's gift list…hence the squatty potty is still at the bottom of the stairs

  19. Benji is so cute he couldn’t wipe the excitement off his face after Judy came out with the goods on display 😁🙌🏽

  20. .. And then Miya actually found the beef jerkies!!! 😂

  21. Awww bengi couldn’t take his eyes of you the moment you changed . His eyes kept wondering down 😉

  22. You two are ridiculously inspirational ❤️

  23. The other hand Benji can actually cook and my manssss… a diff story

  24. Benji cant stop looking at her other eyes lmao

  25. I actually wouldn’t like my husband to get me lingerie lol I know he would love me to wear it but I’m so Insecure about myself that I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing it.

  26. So cute Benji couldn't help blushing in the VLOG when you tried on the stuff. 😍

  27. Just in time for me to watch this vlog. I'm getting married on Valentine's and I was just thinking of a gift for my husband to be. I will get the one that made Benjie's eyes spark so much joy and excitement! 😍😂

  28. I thought I was the only that took the garbage bin, flip it over and use it as a squatty potty in hotels!! HAHA

  29. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED this video! So fun!

  30. @itsmommyslife You gotta try a Jolly Rancher wayyyy Better

  31. Thank you for reminding me about the beef jerky I bought a couple of days at the back compartment of my backpack. 🤪

  32. Judy! Can you please make a skincare routine video? Does benji have one? He should too! My husband has one now 😂

  33. Keep Loving each other guys…This was so sweet! I’m looking for Love so keep me in your prayers!

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