WE MOVED TO AUSTIN TEXAS!! *not clickbait*

y’all … large life transfer occurred the opposite day!


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  1. Welcome to new allergies…. Cedar Fever is a real thing.

  2. You will be back after your first summer there.. Like me

  3. Welcome to Austin. Amazing places to go and chill places to see and bring baby. I moved here from Los Angeles, greatest move

  4. Man. Californians are really ruining Texas especially Austin. Ya'll need to stop moving here

  5. sorry your family abused you to the point of deciding to be lesbian, I hope you both live a happy and fruitful life in texas! it's a hell of a great state.

  6. Yes I from Texas I love it but when summer comes get ready because it gets hot

  7. Get ready to be chastised… Ha ha. I moved from Utah and get that question all the time…"are u another Californian?"..and traffic sucks bad. But it is great

  8. Yall will probably hear a lot of go back to Cali & people just being negative but as someone born and raised here in Austin, WELCOME!!! 🙂

  9. Welcome to Austin! You're probably aware of how terrible the traffic is. Not sure how your video showed up in suggested given all of the bushcrafting videos. I wish your family the best!

  10. I hope y’all don’t dislike Austin once the summer comes ❤️

  11. Austin sux and it’s quickly turning into l.a.,come to mexico

  12. Texas is getting more expensive, so maybe in 10 years, you might need to leave, again.

  13. And it's getting more expensive in Austin because of all the Californians moving here.

  14. Leave go back love Texas we hate you commies fyi every one hates California here and I'm from California

  15. It’s crazy how I lived in Texas all my life and dying to get out. Now everybody is moving to Texas 😂. E V E R Y B O D Y lives in Texas. Our highways are highly congested now, over the years. It’s true, super cheap, bigger land, lower taxes, and like everybody says “everything is bigger in Texas.” One thing I wish Dallas has, compared to Austin, are 50mph speed limit on main roads. ✌🏻Welcome!!

  16. What are their jobs?
    Also, Avery is the cutest baby OMG! 😍🤗

  17. Welcome to Texas
    The best state

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