Winter Capsule Wardrobe – Minimalist Mother

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  1. So we are having a snow day today, which means you have inspired me to attack/declutter my closet. Thanks for another great video. 💕💕💕

  2. Hi, I am a new subscriber of yours, thank you for this! I have started this new year trying to declutter and live more simply. Your videos have really helped me, You give great advice! Keep up the good work!

  3. I haven’t been getting notifications! Grrr. I will unsubscribe and resubscribe and maybe that will help? I’m excited now though because I have lots of catching up to do and more to watch 😀. I hope your holidays were great and Happy New Year! I just got rid of two huge garbage bags full of clothes that I didn’t wear in the last year! I thought I had gotten rid of so much already. It’s crazy! I’m really getting it down now though! 👍🏻 thanks for the motivation ❤️

  4. Love it. Ty😘 I got rid of my patterns too.

  5. Edit: ha ha I wear a lot of black as will!
    Me and my husband both have capsule wardrobes. We have more minimal capsule wardrobe I just have 5 pair of long pants 5 tops and 5 cardigans and I wear them year round here in utah is can get in the 100 in the summer and negative in the winter. But it works for me.

  6. It’s still the same amount of laundry your just doing it more often

  7. I’d love to hear more about what you are including in your no spend year.

  8. Great.. 👍
    I have just four dresses to wear at home and 4 to wear outside..( it doesn’t mean I can’t afford.. I did it on purpose.. as LESS IS MORE)..
    But my husband has too much clothes.. if though he doesn’t wear those and always complaining.. that he has no clothes😭

  9. Thank you Shannon! Do you have "home clothes" too or do you wear items from your capsule wardrobe at home (on days when you stay in for the whole day) as well?

  10. Love how your wardrobe is planned out.❤️

  11. I prefer the seasonal capsule. Works the best for me. I frequently throughout the year, evaluate what is not working and donate it.

  12. I’m trying to have a work “ uniform” that I can easily wear with everything I own. I work in a casual office, so it’s mainly chino type pants and jeans. I bought a new pair of pants from Amazon and had to return them because they were almost exactly like the others I have! I always think I need just one more pair, so I’m also doing the no spend month. Just curious, did you replace the jeans that you decluttered or stick with the ones you have?

  13. Did you make this video for me? 😜😂
    I can’t wait to get more out of my closet! This is great motivation! I love having everything simple. My hubby keeps all of his seasons together. My girls and I do seasonal.

  14. I heard on the news that Target Stores sales were way down for the holidays. It sounds like your simple living is making a mark on the stores. It's good to see things turning around, more like when I grew up in the 60's. Love, MOM

  15. I implemented a similar system with my clothes. I have half of the original amount I had a few months back, now Im just keeping what's confortable to wear, fits well and makes me feel happy! Lol. I do my laundry every 4 days since I realized I was wearing the same items every week.

  16. This is inspiring. I wanna have this to. I have learned, less is more. I have done this with my make up and it's like breathing.

  17. Great ideas. I only do laundry Thursday or Friday myself

  18. Love the video Shannon. Your style is a lot like mine. Casual, functional not the most expensive brands. Pieces that I feel comfortable in, yet put together.
    I am also trying a No Buy/No Spend year. Good luck❤️🙏

  19. This is great! I have several jobs/ responsibilities that each require different types of clothes so slowly narrowing things down.

  20. YES finally, a wardrobe that looks like mine. I enjoy watching all these super fashionable wardrobes with long coats and button-up shirts, but it's something I would never really wear. I also live in California so I'm more casual. So thank you for this video!

  21. I have my basic capsule wardrobe but feel as if I need a few nice pieces as I am in a band on stage.

  22. Sunday is my laundry day, too! Just the one day is all I need.

  23. Hello! New to your channel and so happy to have found you💝Thank you so much for your great advice! I would love to tackle seasonal capsule wardrobes and this is the hardest! I am able to tackle everything else but this, I hope to see how you can have someone as an example for that, I know a lot of us struggle with this area. Have an amazing day and thank you for the great job you are doing to be an amazing example for a more joyful lifestyle💝💐🏡

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