2019 MacBook Air – Finest Laptop computer for 2020??

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This can be a evaluation of the 2019 Macbook Air. Is that this one of the best laptop computer for 2020?

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  1. Are you from California? You constantly have a rising inflection at the end of your sentences.

  2. I've been using WIntel laptops for the longest time. I refused to buy Macbooks due to price and SPECS. Recently, both my WIntel laptops have been failing. Some are just 2 years old even. I saw a sale of a USED 2010 MACBOOK AIR 11 INCH, for appx. USD300. So I decided to try it out knowing that it's CORE 2 DUO with 4GB is definitely lower than my current laptop. So far its USABILITY has been much better. My i5 laptop may have had a slight edge in USER performance but for the long term this 2010 Macbook was definitely a breeze to use. The keyboard, hinge and mic audio is solid. Things you don't see on a spec sheet. I still am getting used to Mac interface but so far it is definitely better. I doubt I will go back to WIntel personally.

  3. if only the air didnt have the butterfly keyboard, it would have been the best

  4. Video starts at 1:34
    You’re pretty aggressive with your advertising

  5. decent review but shameless pitch for your advertising mac cleaner product.

  6. The feeling of using the old Mac model like the 2011 or 2012 models were far better than the 2016 to the current models. Better keyboard. Enough ports for regular usage. The sound when turning the volume up and down was unique and the glowing logo was satisfyingly awesome—–The Mac were just unique and satisfying. But now the Mac are like beautiful lifeless laptop which makes life harder.

  7. I have one myself it works great for everything I 3D print things And it’s very fast in everything the only badish thing is the battery life when you’re doing that stuff eh it could be better but over all the thing is amazing

  8. Brother thanks for the video
    Could you please tell me which audio recorder you are using for YouTube

  9. No ports I use a1278 MacBook Pro now move to windows gaming iPhone is ok not great Lenovo x1 is good huawei phones are great

  10. How do you connect to an older laser printer with a USB connection?

  11. I have the 2018 MacBook Air and I absolutely love it. I really hope they bring ARM processors to the 2020 or 2021 Air which makes sense for what it is. Apple's ARM processors are really fast and power efficient which is what the Air needs to be. It's power efficient right now but not fast.

  12. >soldered ram
    >butterfly keyboard
    >blocks everything other than OSX and windows 10,so you completely miss out on great operating systems like NIX,popOS,ubuntu,openBSD and freeBSD,gentoo,openSUSE,etc.
    get an galago pro,it can likely be hackintoshed,fast (and open source) firmware,no windows tax,super upgrade-able,processor is 2 generations ahead,has real IO.
    pound for pound,when it comes to functionality,it just destroys the macbook air.

  13. Is 2019 macbook air good for music production?

  14. My Macbook pro 2012 still working well

  15. I honestly prefer the Touch Bar but there’s some flaws with that .

  16. Hi I’m curious to the butterfly keyboard, what is it all about?

  17. It has better specs than my 2012 13” MacBook Pro on which I’ve done AutoCAD and Civil Engineering work for years. Now that I’m semi-retired, I may just downsize. I wonder when Apple will roll out the 2020 version?

  18. The answer is still no. It's a terrible laptop that's, thankfully, going to be discontinued

  19. I have the 2018 edition with 256Gb and so far works perfectly, even the keyboard, no problems at all, Is the best laptop I ever had.

  20. https://amzn.to/2GSMhXw a very nice product. I bought it from this site. Minimum $ 120 profit guarantee

  21. all model 2018-2019 macbook air can NOT upgraded !……Dont buy it, keep model 2017 ok

  22. watching on 2017 MacBook Air I feel dated lol I still love my 2017 MacBook Air as I just recently got it brand new and it Still Rocks with the New Catalina Update I honestly Dont need more as this does more than enough for what I use it for !! Would still like to have a 2018 version but I still love the glowing apple !! Also USB ports With my stickers decked out it looks more like the bottom of a skateboard lol would take a lot to trade it out

  23. I still have my Macbook Air 2012 and I am not sure 2019 Air would be enough for my needs.

    Is the performance good enough for things like running sims or using photoshop for example?

  24. what mac are you using to run that big monitor behind?

  25. I'm waiting on the butterfly keyboard to be replaced. Hopefully the 2020 model.

  26. C0ntact >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> cyber_network0 at IG to f¡xed it

  27. Don’t make that annoying voice 🙏🏻

  28. I’m looking to get my first MacBook ever I’m returning my surface laptop I bought yesterday for it . I’m mainly going to use the MacBook to watch streaming content like YouTube and Netflix and the occasional web browsing would u recommend the air over the pro . The air 256gb is $1,099.99 at Best Buy right now and so is the pro 128gb model. The air 128gb model is $899 just wonder what u suggest I get?

  29. i dissapointed with their front camera but i still proud with my macbook air 2019. I don't know why i'm still proud about it. Anyone else feel the same?

  30. Should i buy macbook air 2019 for high level programming?

  31. ive had my 2019 MacBook Air fro almost a year now and it still work perfectly

  32. Great Video! I just did a Unboxing video of my 2019 MacBook Air. 👍

  33. Great review. Suggest you invest in a pedicure though.

  34. Macbook Air still the best laptop for 2020??

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