eight MUST HAVE Immediate Pot Equipment – Immediate Pot Suggestions

Do you like your Immediate Pot, however simply want a couple of extra issues so you may make MORE recipes? These are a few of my favourite Immediate Pot equipment to make use of in my IP!

Are you New to the Immediate Pot? Try my Video of The way to Use an Immediate Pot Right here:

Steamer Basket:
Additional Pan:
Double Stacking Pans:
Egg Mildew:
Small Silicone Mitts:
Spring Type Pan:
Additional Sealing Rings:

Wish to see extra of my Immediate Pot necessities? Try these movies right here:
Immediate Pot Should Haves:

Immediate Pot Accent Equipment:

Immediate Pot Steamer Basket:

Discover extra Immediate Pot Suggestions right here:

Right here is my FAVORITE Immediate Pot – The Immediate Pot Duo:

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Cinematography and Modifying Offered by: Adam Moffat (www.adammoffat.com)

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  1. Single dad here. Thank you so much for making these videos. Really helps me out to make healthy and delicious dinners for my daughter. And we have fun learning the recipes together!

  2. My fave extra I bought was a clear lid for when I’m using it as a slow cooker.

  3. I've been watching your channel non stop for like three weeks and I just went out and bought an instant pot because of you. Also anyone reading this the duo nova's 40% off at target lol

  4. I bought my IP in 2015. I just tossed the ring the other day.

  5. Do you have the link for your videos with the stacks pans? I just got it recently, but having trouble finding many recipes to make with them. Thank you!

  6. I just have a question about sealing rings I had purchases a multi pack for my instant pot and I tried to use one and it doesn't seal properly did I get the wrong size or is there a trick on using new rings

  7. You didn’t link the little Pyrex bowls

  8. Have you thought about getting a duo crisp? We just got one. I am excited for all the possibilities.

  9. Thanks for advices 😘❤️

  10. Having problems with my new sealing ring. Will not pressurize with the new ring help please

  11. You didn't link your apple cider recipe! Sounded yummy

  12. Is there a link to get all of these?

  13. Hey… as a new instant pot owner that was scared to use it initially, I love your channel!

    One life hack I wanted to share about the silicone sealing ring is that I too noticed that it retained food odors. After trying different tips like soaking in vinegar, baking soda…etc, the only 100% effective method to remove smell is to put remove the silicone ring and put into a 250 degree oven for 30 minutes. Once you remove from oven and wash the ring, the smell is completely gone!

  14. I would live some pointers, recipes, and/or accessories for the Instant Pot Mini (3 qt).

  15. Have a hard time getting around in my kitchen being retired and by myself and the instant pot was the best present my daughter got me. I signed up for your recipes and tips and I thank you, your so informative and I love my instant pot.

  16. I would reccomend a push pan instead of the springform pan 🤷‍♀️

  17. Your use of the egg bite mold to make churros sounded good, but I didn't see the recipe in the links below the video. Do you have it on your web site somewhere?

  18. Have you try or heard about the instant pot ceramic non stick inner pot?

  19. Love your channel. I have the ultra which sat on the counter for the past year unused. I’ve been using it frequently thanks to your tips.

  20. I have the 6 in 1 instant pot (the one that has the yogur setting) I really wanted to get the 7 in 1 that bakes cakes & boils eggs. Does anyone know if cakes can still be baked in the 6 in 1? Also the accessories mentioned in this video can they be used with any instant pot? Thank you for any help

  21. Thanks, Kristen…
    Y'know, might be best to buy name brand sealing rings. Just a thought.

  22. Just got 1st Instant pot. It has a label adhered to top of lid. Should I take it off before using and how? It's really on there. Thank you

  23. #1 this is the exact reason I have a 3Quart for sides and an 8 quart for main entrees. That's my tip & you are welcome

  24. Your channel helps me so much ! I'm in charge of dinners Monday through Friday at home with my family, and you've given me so many ideas. Thanks so much! Don't tell anyone but you're my favorite sister LOL

  25. @Six Sisters' Stuff Have you tried the Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid? Sounds like a great add on for making hot wings and more

  26. Need more Instant Pot Tips? These are 10 Things NEVER to do in Your Instant Pot! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6B32pAEzN8&t=1s

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