Hermitcraft VI 163 | A STRANGE.. GIFT?!

As we speak i am enjoying on the 1.14.four Hermitcraft Season 6 World!
On this episode we FINALLY get our Secret Santa Present from BdoubleO… in February. Guess it is higher late than by no means!

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#Minecraft #Hermitcraft #1.14

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hey whats up guys ye video banate bak bhuat mehent laga he i do know …


  1. Wait wait wait. You *smelt" the nether quartz ore? Isn't that better to mine it with a fortune pick?

  2. A false If you need quartz. Turn a villager into a stonemason. Unlock the full trades. The last trade is quartz. Good luck.. I've been using stonemasons all year for my build on welsknight server to make a pyramid very large pyramid.

  3. I could have sworn you can use a fortune pick on nether quartz to get way more than just smelting it all, and way faster too. Either I am very confused and mistaken or…

  4. Yooo False, that timelapse song is so good! What is it? It's not the one listed in the video description.

  5. I loved how when you punched bdubs, he just exploded into little pieces

  6. You probably would have enough quartz if you used a fortune pick instead of smelting it

  7. Anyone else seen iskall's grave? xD

  8. It would seem that the Architects have achieved hegemony with their building palate. So even if they do not have the most money, they have started a wave of design reform.

  9. is doc's latest video true that all hermits are fake and stuff?

  10. It wasn't Grian who changed the secret santa gifts
    It was the Grianch

  11. Everybody sub to falsey she deserves more subs

  12. Hey Falsesymmetry,

    Grian has lowered the price to. (-10 diamonds). The giant empty mansion in hermitland…. not completely empty, it has some shulkers in it, so basically he is paying you (or someone else) 10 diamonds to take the house.

    Could prbly just salvage the building parts and reuse them later OR do some interior decoration and turn it into your own personal summer home.

  13. buy grian's mansion ! -10 diamonds for grian

  14. Build the guardian a massive fish tank for it to swim around

  15. that guardian said "wiggle wiggle wiggle"

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