Husky Says I LOVE MAIL Completely! Spooky Voice Recorded Whereas Present Unboxing!

What was that spooky voice on the finish?! This is not the primary time I’ve recorded a voice that wasn’t there!
Thanks whomever despatched the hand cream. Thanks Melanie for the sweets. Thanks Lauren for the salmon oil, snacks, pockets and telephone stand. Thanks Jamie and Sherpa for the sloth toy. Thanks whomever despatched the jacket. Thanks Katherine for the eat treats. Thanks Ally and Sew for the bins of toys. Thanks whomever despatched the salmon treats, and the strolling boots. Thanks Terry, Sam and ben, Diane, Anna, and the Lance household on your playing cards.
It has been a beautiful birthday, thanks everybody for being part of it!

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  1. Well… Voldemort is back at it again.

  2. Wish she would !et the dog alone to do it that's. why peop!d sent them

  3. what fake jerky it will never taste the same the closest I have found is jackfruit at least it has the right texture they do jerky for dogs too as far as I know it come in beef and fish would love to see him chowing down on some, by the way I only recently discovered your channel and binge watched them all

  4. Didn't Key 'see' ghosts when you first moved there or something like that? I remember a video you showed with that. But he stopped after… something. My memory is crap. But that voice was creepy! You'll need to get Jamie and Sherpa over right away. They just stayed at the haunted Jamaica Inn… so Sherpa is an expert now.

  5. My husband brought me home a kitten. A gorgeous blue-eyed steel point Siamese kitten. And a couple weeks later from the same man still giving away baby animals brought home a dog. And my husband said the old man rescued the puppies because the mother was walking down the railroad tracks with them. The old man said the breed was shepherd husky and coyote. Looks just like your dog only this one was the size of a coyote but he had the shepherd beauty marks, one on each side of the snout. Same temperament as your dog imagine the temperament of a shepherd and the only thing coyote about our dog Sarge what we named him was the size because he was a miniature husky, if that makes sense. Sarge would talk, and sing. He would not walk with a leash. He would scream and cry. I could put a bandana in his mouth and walk him but that was the only way to control him when he was little. Crazy dog. And he loved his Kitty Belu. Cat was kind of mean to the dog. We would have to rescue the dog, I'm laughing thinking about it again.

  6. Good key'ush i love it

    I sees key more have a subs
    And you.Welp im not jujing sorry😅

  7. I'm pretty confident that Huskies would never starve in the wild.
    What on earth was that! "Roy"???

  8. dog says ruff and huff – weird voice was you saying good boy

  9. Thx that u share with us😂 package opener rece for doggys? KEY???😘

  10. Omg ghost investigation in jodies house !!

  11. Not good, the voice, could have been from one of the gifts…start checking stuff for hidden mics or cams in your stuff you get mailed to you….

  12. Jodi do you and Anna Marisax ever thought of making an ASMR voice recording together ? just so beautifully settle indearing dialect contour aligning speech you both girls have…

  13. VolBeat – "Sorry sack of Bones"

  14. @15:45 is “thank you”
    @16:03 is the “disembodied voice”

    where (when?) is the “i love mail”?

  15. That voice so creepy. Be safe always jodie and key.

  16. Awwwwww he’s a very good boi I love him he’s adorable ♥️♥️

  17. It sounded like a man saying "hi" to me

  18. Anyone notice key fur changed in this video .

  19. Very interesting. I've only recently begun watching this channel. I also do some paranornal investigating in my spare time. Clearly, you have picked up a great example of EVP. With headphones, to me it sounds like a man saying "riiiiiise". I listened several times. To those saying theres anything to fear, sorry to burst your bubble. Nothing to fear. Spirits are around us literally all the time. Occasionally they're picked up in voice or even seen in pictures or video. You have absolutely nothing to worry about. I'm curious if anyone can direct me to any other videos that picked up evp's. This isn't as rare as people think. Most of the time we simply don't notice it. Panasonic stopped production of a digital voice recorder bc so many people reported picking up voices that weren't there. Anyway, you 2 crack me up! Keep the hilarious videos coming and don't worry about the spirit.

  20. The hand cream is really nice, my brother n law swears by it and he installs HVAC heating and air, my husband is a fabricator and welder and he uses it as well, also if ur feet are rough dry cracked use a dab on them then cover with socks and it will seep in to skin nicely… I love the chemistry btw you and Key its awesome to watch you both ..take care

  21. I must have rewatched this a gazillion times. When did you get up to open the glass paneled door behind you. There didn't seem to be a break in filming. If it wasn't you, then that's when the thing entered the room. I can hear it in fast motion talking while your unwrapping…harder to hear through the crinkle of paper.

    I wonder if the presence of that ghost had made you feel cold and that's why you grabbed your hoodie.

    I heard, arrives. Like it was talking about the unwrapping.

  22. Ma'am you are so cute I am your younger but no reply from your side

  23. My dogs looked at me thinking I had the squeaky toy Key was playing with in the Video. Then wanted my phone to see if it squealed. 😄😄😄😄

  24. Happy birthday 🎂 and happy Valentines

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