iPad Professional 12.9" Refurbished – Unboxing! (2020)

After the ballot I carried out, I lastly pulled the set off and acquired the iPad Professional 12.9″ not solely to cowl on this channel attributable to standard demand however to additionally use throughout my second semester of school. Nonetheless, extra particularly on this video I discuss a bit about why I purchased a refurbished iPad Professional and share my unboxing expertise of it with you!


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  1. Jesus Christ you don’t need two iPads for taking notes in college, how fatigued are you.

  2. What is the battery capacity of that ipad??

  3. Bro what will be the front camera in the 2020ipadpro

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  5. Dude I bought the same one but only 799 and have 256gb. Why didn’t u look at amazon also? Amazon does refurbished too.

  6. Just got my 11 inch refurbished and I’m loving it, no regrets.

  7. I wish the next iPad Pro is not thin and has a headphone jack

  8. What is all this emphasis on unboxing experiences? Does anyone really give a flying f#ck?

  9. Ma, can you do an iPad vs surface laptop 3 video ? Than can be great and I'm looking for a new device for light edit video ans netflix & chill and I'm heistating with ipad pro or SL3

  10. Nice! I just picked up a couple 12.9 refurb 2018s for $550 each. They are like new and they are absolutely fantastic!

  11. I think i saw screen glitches on right one on left side

  12. Boss man you should of went to Amazon, a lot cheaper there. You gotta really shop around and do some digging. Come on man your smarter than this.

  13. I have the 12.9, I still haven’t taken the time to see it’s full potential

  14. Im just wondering if its worth going from a 2017 pro to a 2018 pro?

  15. unbox the stuff.
    then hunt for defects (scratches, dead pixels, display defects-bleeding, speaker problems etc). coconutbattery to see the number of battery loading cycles .

  16. You can buy this same iPad new at Best Buy for the same price if you’re a member :)❤️! Membership doesn’t cost anything.

    Thank you for the video! I’m always so scared to try refurbished tech.

  17. Hey Noah great video I have iPad Pro generation 2 what do think I should do with it to get similar iPad of yours? Thanks

  18. I to want to move you in size so I did the same as you. The iPad Pro in that size is great. It’s been a few months now and no regrets.

  19. Amazon refurbished had a 1tb 12.9 ipad pro 2018 for $910, snagged that up for Christmas and love it. I'm definitely looking forward to more vids about the 12.9 inch model on your channel.

  20. Also yeah I remember taking calculus, it's actually not nearly as bad as people make it out to be. You're basically just deriving, which is simple once you know the power rule eg. derivative of X^5 = 5 * X^4

  21. You can get it cheaper brand new on sale then buying it refurbished…

  22. Am hoping a 2020 i pad pro comes out so I can buy it.

  23. I’ve had my refurb late 13 rMBP since 2014. Still works like a charm.

  24. idk im trying to see if i buy a new ipad pro 12.9 inch refurb but im just scared that it wont work cause i never bought a refurbished product so idk if to trust a refurbished product or buy new.

  25. Low-key thinking of getting a sugar daddy to buy me stuff after seeing this lol

  26. Noah, do you really trust in Apple's refurbished products? I'm about to go to the US and I was thinking about getting the ipad air 3 256gb until I watched your video talking about the "rip-off" situation. Do you know a lot of people who bought refurbished and had any kind of problem? I'm kinda concerned about buying the ipad pro 2gen 256gb because I'm afraid of the battery don't last enough or that it comes with marks or do not perform the same as the brand new. I thought that I could get the iPad pro 3gen, but the bending situation that is hapenning to a bunch of people is making me putting the idea away. Could you tell me your opinion about these things? The problem is, I'm a medical student in Brazil and I've been saving all the money I can to afford English classes, make this amazing trip, College expenses and save some bucks to buy one of these iPads, because I really believe it'll help a lot. So I really wanna take the best decision possible within my current finance situation. Thanks for yor attention. And sorry for the English, I started to studied it a couple of months ago and I'm still struggling to master grammar and vocabulary 🙂

  27. I think you save more with the student discount…. your a student

  28. I picked one for 480 bucks I got so lucky

  29. I don’t have any problem with purchasing a used iPad but for a iPad Pro that only has 64 go $800 I think you can do much better then that in price theirs a website called Gazelle I believe where you can get one with 500 go for not that much more

  30. I got a 256 GB iPad Pro 12.9 inch WiFi+cell for $600. Did I do good? Or should I have waited for the up oncoming iPads.

  31. i just got a refurbished ipad pro 512gb/sim for $950 from amazon (third party seller – idr if it was prime shipping, thinking no since the list was ~$900) and had a similar unboxing experience – no “apple refurbished” box, but everything i was looking for anyway. initialization was a pita because apple was having technical issues, but other than that, was/is great.

  32. How’s the battery life? Do they change those out?

  33. yEs itS a USb C cAble mY baD lmfao

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