macbook professional 13" evaluate and replace video!

reviewing my 512gb macbook professional 13” with touchbar!! these are the professionals and cons that i’ve discovered over the past eight months, how i personalized my macbook, and answering the FAQ’s from my unboxing video! i hope this helps should you’re looking for a macbook!

my macbook unboxing video:

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  1. Should i buy the new 2019 model with 1.4GHz ??

  2. Really? it run out of storage easily? I’m planning to buy Macbook Pro 2019 this feb. Please help me to decide. It has the same problem with my iPhone 11 Pro Max. It also run out of storage easily unlike my iPhone 6 that has also 64 gb and does have 300 videos lot of pictures and games but just consume half of its storage. I hope Apple should fix this.

  3. Is video-editing ok with your MacBook Pro 13?

    I am trying to switch from PC to Mac.
    MacBook Air looks like basic.
    MacBook Pro 16 is expensive.

    Hosun Kang

  4. go to apple. they can replace the keyboard for free.

  5. and if you dont want to restart computer, to force quit an app, press command, option and esc key simultaneously

  6. If it helps at all, Apple added on their website where u can send in ur MacBook and they will fix the keyboard for free because they knew it was known to have issues

  7. >>>help unlocking my MacBook came though *Chromehacks001 lG

  8. nice vid! where is ur shirt from? the fuzzy one

  9. Hi , you should use a keyboard cover. The space bar problem happens beacuse there is dust in the keyboard. btw u can go to the apple store and they will repair for free , btw u are so cool .

  10. I love how you followed yours with an actual review!!!! Awesome

  11. Does it heat up or lag when editing?

  12. You will need you’re keyboard replaced it’s free under Apple keyboard programme if not still in warranty. Do not claim if you have Apple care as Apple will replace it no questions asked. The issue with Final Cut it could either be a bug try uninstalling the programme fully and reinstalling if this continues it could just be the 13inch can’t complete the task you want it to do maybe 4K footage etc or it’s trying to render whilst you’re still editing that’s where the 15inch MacBook Pro with dedicated graphics card and i7 comes in

  13. Apple will give you a free replacement keyboard!

  14. Oh man…considering this laptop but i was unaware of the keyboard. Thanks for the review+update! Pick up a T5 SSD from Samsung! Plenty of space , affordable and reliable!

  15. Where did u get ur case and sticker letters😫

  16. I'm getting my MacBook pro 2019 13 inch in 4 days and I was continuously watching your unboxing video because I was so excited🤣🤣 btw I love your channel so much!❤❤

  17. Macbook has 4 years support repair or replace incase of any issues with the keyboards.

  18. In order to fix your keyboard issue, you can go to apple and get a free replacement because a lot of other's have had similar problems. You can invest into a keyboard cover to use in places where there's a lot of particles or food that could clutter the keyboard (school, lunch areas)

  19. I want to ask rather than just upgrading it to 512g did u upgrade anything else ?

  20. In my country MacBooks are 1 297,00€ it’s too expensive I don’t my parents will pay it

  21. Hey! I hopefully you'll see this comment, I actually saw a video recently on how to fix MacBook's keyboard, so, I'll send you the link I hope it helps!!! 💕

  22. a comment/channel from this section will be shouted out at the end of next weeks video! comment below for a chance!

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