Serger Seam Allowance on Overlockers – | Abi’s Den ✂️🧵🌸

How will we work out the seam allowance on an overlocker? Let me information you right here 😃
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Prolonged model Seam Allowances on three totally different Overlockers | Abi’s Den ✂️🧵🌸

Lidl Singer S14-78

Lidl – £125

Janome 9200D

John Lewis £269

Brother M343D

Amazon £145 .


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  1. If only you had posted this, yesterday it would have saved me having to work it out the hard way lol, I finally got round to making the overlocker cover that you did, I’ve not been able to sew for months due to surgery on my hand, but everything worked out well, I did put the side pocket on the opposite side as it is better for me on that side
    So a massive thanks Abi for your brilliant tutorials

  2. Brilliant another winner. Thank you 😊

  3. A just got my first overlocker it’s a Gemini love you videos very helpfull

  4. Thanks Abi, that was a very helpful video. Looking forward to seeing more 🙂

  5. Thank you for doing this, however I have already worked it out for myself. I bought the Brother machine recently and it says nothing in the instruction book about the seam allowance. You do a marvellous job. Xx

  6. Thanks, I never could have figured this out on my own. I knew you could sew a garment on a serger but kept being told, it would only remove 3/8".

  7. Thank you so much for your overlocker tutorials. I got the Brother M343D for Christmas and watching your videos has helped me so much. This is my first overlocker and I have not felt intimidated at all thanks to you. Your tutorials are now in my liked videos so I can jump straight to them when I need help. I'm so grateful to you so thank you once again. ❤

  8. Thank you. This video was most helpful. I have been looking for this information forever. I actually have one of your demo overlockers. Please do more. I'm going to become a subscriber.

  9. Hi, Abi, thank you for another brilliant tutorial! 12 months ago, I was too scared to take my overlocker out of the box, but, mostly thanks to you, I would now not be without it. Still plenty to learn, so looking forward to more videos. Kind regards from Penny in Liverpool 🇬🇧😊💕

  10. Hi Abi, Thanks for this tutorial. It was somewhat helpful, but I’m still pretty confused. On the Janome: Are the lines marked “5/8” “ and “Left/Right needle,” just a reference key for what the first set of lines stand for? And, if not, what do they represent? And on the Brother (which is what I have) what are the shorter lines for? And the foot marked “L, R,” there doesn’t seem to be any reference lines to go with them,; so is that just a key to what the lines are on the white part? This has been very confusing for me. I just put a piece of the blue packing tape that came on the machine to mark my location, but still very confused. And what happens if you change the width of the serger seam? Does it just get wider to the right of the needle, or to the left?
    It’s so great that you made this video, and yes, make more please. But will you do it with more detailed explanations next time? Thank you!

  11. Hi Abi. Just to let you know. It's coming back out of it's box this weekend. Thank you so much. Looking forward to seeing more.👍😊😘

  12. My red plastic guide quickly broke off. Looking for sth adequate.

  13. Thank god for someone sensible…I have a singer model but diff from yours…I have read the book or attempted to, it may as well be in a foreign language. It took me two years to move a lever to get it to sew right….hence never used at all….used since but rarely …keep the good work on serges up or make a Book For Dummies you will sell thousands.

  14. Oh my goodness that make life so much easier for ladies like me who are intimidated by their overlocker. Thank you

  15. Really helpful, this is the main thing I've struggled with. Everyone seems to dread rethreading but it's seam allowances for me.thanks

  16. Thanks so much for that. Just got the brother you used and had no idea how to gauge the allowance. Brilliant. Thank you

  17. A million trillion thanks. I bought this model. Couldn't get bottom stitches right. Lost patience put it away unused for a year. Came across your vid an wallah!! Got it!!! Sorted the issue. Just got to learn how to sew nice projects now. Wow amazing vid. ♥️♥️👍👍

  18. What a great help Abi I bought the Singer overlocker in October and now I can mark the machine with confidence brilliant.

  19. Is the white piece of plastic on the Singer 5/8 the of an inch?. It looked like it to me. Also washi tape on the part where you marked with pen could work I feel. Thanks so much for your videos, I learn something every time.👏👏😀

  20. Thank you! This comparison was very helpful, even for an experienced sewist 🙂

  21. I'm surprise the singer didn't have any markings. I have a singer but clear back in the 70s that did. Don't use it anymore never liked it. I use my Amber Air 400 from Husqvarna.

  22. I didn't even know this was on my machine!!! I learn something everyday. Thanks again for a lovely and quality tutorial!

  23. Many thanks, I now understand a bit more about Overlockers. Your a great tutor.

  24. great thank you I needed help with the same lidl overlocker, marking 1/2 inch on my machine, really useful!!

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