iPhone 11 Professional Max Evaluate | The Finest iPhone. Ever.

Finest battery, finest cameras, finest display, finest processor – finest iPhone ever.

However is it price £1149?


Get the iPhone 11 Professional Max right here:

House Gray:
Midnight Inexperienced:

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Video was shot with:

Sony a7iii:
Major lens:
Different lens:
Huge lens:



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  1. Oh heck yeah!!! Can’t wait to watch this!!!

  2. Love mine. Just the battery could be worth it without talking about the camera. No need for power bank anymore. And shoot YouTube video with it.

  3. Hoping for USB-C, More RAM and HFR Display for the the next iPhone. Nicely done mate🎉

  4. Great review! You should have a lot more subscribers. I mean a lot more.

  5. Great review, as always ! Just a suggestion – can you also include in your reviews the audio quality of the phones. Cheers !

  6. Man, what is your pinterest acc? I would to follow what you follow

  7. Nice review, Tom! I really hoping for USBC and a higher refresh rate screen for this year’s iPhone.

  8. I’ve been thinking of doing a review of mine but I end up overusing my superlatives in my notes which makes me think nobody would want to watch it 😂 I believe HFR, USB-C and a refreshed body will be everything an Apple fanboy would need in the next version. Great video Tom! It was a pleasure watching it 🙌🏻

  9. With the "pro" moniker, we should not take it as professional, it is what differentiates it from the rest of the models, the luxury end of the iPhone team. With the iPhone 9 and iPhone 11, maybe a SE variant, the pro says this is for those that can afford the best. Samsung is also headed this way with the Ultra. The market is changing, with mid-range now where the main markets will sell the most and phones are now following other products with low-cost, mid-range and luxury, similar to cars, computers, etc. The smartphone market had been in the past accessible to most due to the carrier contracts, allowing the youth market to get premium phones on a monthly basis. Now we have a mature market and people get older and having all the bells and whistles and paying twice as much for it seems a waste, but those with high disposable income can buy the luxury "pro" and the rest of us can buy a $400 iphone 9 or a $650 iPhone 11; saving a lot of money for a few features that really add up to very little in the great scheme of things. So the "pro" is for those with the funds, not for professional users, the same as Huawei and Samsung with "Ultra"; it is just a word, a distinguisher, no need to fret about how professional it is or is not!

  10. Coming from an iphone 6s its a crazy upgrade, i sold my 6s on ebay for 130 euros and got the 11 pro max. The battery life is crazy good… but like crazyyyyy good. I usually got 2h:30 on the 6s with 82% health ( second battery that it had) and now im getting 7+ hours. Its a 2 day phone for me. Great video too

  11. Mate your work keeps getting better and better, super work on this one.

    Absolutely tremendous phone, super safe and a bit stately home for sure, but classy all the same.

    And that video recording is something else.

    Keep up the good work 💪

  12. What a fulfilling, beautiful review!

  13. I really love how you color edit your videos, I would like to learn how to edit like you!

  14. Even if I have lottery money I'll still pick standard 11 over a pro max.

    11 is 90% of Pro Max at 50% price

  15. Only thing is it’s not 1440 it’s 1252 or something like that. Much higher than 1080 for UI and games etc which is nice, but for videos 1080 is the max

  16. Panel is not 1440p…
    Just saying…

  17. Not a pro at all. Good phone though . Not worth 1,300

  18. Great video! Watching on my Xs Max… Hoping the iPhone 12 will be a new design and then I'll upgrade 😎

  19. 1440p ? Common man. Check your facts first.

  20. Love my iPhone 11 Pro Max 256gb came from an 8 plus 64gb , battery is sick on this phone .

  21. By 'basically translates to a 1440p panel' I really mean a 2688 x 1242p panel, hope that clears things up.

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