The Nintendo Change Controller that Performs For You

The GuliKit Kingkong Professional Controller for Nintendo Change has lots happening. It is most attention-grabbing function is it is programable macro button which may document as much as 10 minutes of gameplay for playback at any time. We examined it out with Smash Bros, Mario Maker and Pokémon to seek out some attention-grabbing use-cases, and a few that pushed it handed its limits…

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  1. This could work for labbing situations and combos

  2. What's with nintendo and creating controllers that look just like xbox controllers

  3. Oh god imagine like a luigi player setting a 0-to-death combo to a macro button (that works perfectly)
    They get a grab and can just press the win button.

  4. As a Chrom player this controller would be amazing for Jab -> rar back air

    Too bad the stick is not as a good

  5. You could use two at the same time and have a battle in smash or something. Like cpu but with the recording.

  6. I got really excited for half a second there. If hardware gyro aim actually worked that would be an instant must-buy use case for me. More so for third person shooters on PC than for switch though. Like if they are really going to port Horizon for the PC I will play it again but I really hated that I couldn't aim adjust on the PS4. (it's baffling because I know the tech works, I used it in Gravity Rush 1 and 2 all the time and I have seen someone achieve it on PC through remote play but that's inconvenient to set up and requires both the PC and PS4 to run) It would be the best if I could find a combined PC-XB-PS4 controller with such a feature but just an Xinput compatible PC pad with configurable gyro aim would be nice too.

  7. 1:44 that is an exact copy of the xbox elite controller case by Microsoft
    Look it up, tell me I'm wrong lol

  8. You can make it spam trade pokemon for their alolan counterparts in let’s go pikachu and eevee which can be used to farm shinies

  9. My default cough trash cough switch controllers already play for me in the form of holding up on the joystick

  10. That’s called a drifting controller

  11. Finally, ness mains only have to press 1 button now to preform a kill confirm!

  12. god if only buster wolf was the same combo for each direction

  13. Time to disrespect people in smash tourneys, by pressing one button then popping off while the controller is doing the kill combo for me

  14. 6:31 At least it actually is the controller's fault

  15. so a tas controller
    finally now i can beat stereo madness in less than 463 attempts

  16. Why? The fuck would you want a controller that does the work for you that’s so unnecessary plus it takes a way the fun from the game so why? Would they make it.

  17. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of a video game

  18. Literally none of those were combos… They didn't even trip the in game combo counter

  19. 11:29 getting one of those adapters was one of the best decisions I ever made. Using my Xbox elite controller on switch feels perfect, plus I can map the buttons so the A button on the Xbox works as the A button on the Switch, which usually inputs B as the button layouts are different. Its a win-win for me

  20. How good is the rumble? because my problem with 3rd party controllers is the rumble that go annoyingly full blast and i have to turn it off!

  21. hey is it bluetooth or not wired or wired

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