This iPad Professional 11 Case Hides a "SECRET"…

The Maxjoy iPad Professional 11 Case has an invisible “SECRET”Stand…

Maxjoy Suitable for iPad Professional 11…
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  1. What is your opinion on value for the money!?!? It is 26$ ish, and I know you like it and I do as well, but I think we know I prefer the Zugu but never hurts to have a variety. Is this the best secondary case or best case for the budget friendly in this price range you have reviewed or seen in your opinion?!? Curious as I have friends who can’t just drop 65$ on a Zugu like me!

  2. Using JW Library on an iPad Pro must be awesome. Here in Brazil the iPad Pro goes for almost 7.000 R$. That's the price of some cheap cars here. And the minimum income here is 998 R$. So it's really expensive…

  3. Hey bro this case has been out for over a year now on Amazon. I have it and it still doesn’t beat the ZUGU in my opinion 😏🤣

  4. Looks stupid. I like my zugu muse for both my iPad Pro 11 and my iPad mini 5 better.

  5. The blue one is 9.99$ with deal . Thanks

  6. Love your content bro. Honestly i bought the 11” iPad pro a few weeks ago, then i got a notification saying the 12.9 was on sale at bestbuy for $150 too and since i was still in the return period i exchanged for the larger size and am loving the extra display even though it does take getting used to. What tempted you to pick up the 11” over the 12.9”?

  7. I have an iPad 6th Feb and with these crazy discounts on the iPad pro 11 I'm considering upgrading or waiting for the 2020 iPad. What do you think? I am ALWAYS! on my iPad!

  8. They need to remove her ugly ass pencil holder.

  9. Will the hinges scratch the iPad with time?

  10. Hey man, is there any chance you could do a video on your YouTube setup for filming your videos and all of the gear you use?

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