BARGAINS! 23 Change eShop Video games on SALE This week Value Shopping for! February Week 2 EP22

We have hand-picked 23 Nintendo Change eShop video games which might be on sale proper NOW on the eShop Change Sale. Discover out the place the bargains are in our change eShop sale information!

Final Sundays episode:
The written model of this checklist:
Sale’s Listing:
The flame within the flood
£4.49 70%
$4.49 70%
€4.49 70%

Trine 2
$5.09 70%

Lifeless cells
£15.49 30%
$17.49 30%
€17.49 30%

Skelly selest
£2.24 70%
$3.39 66%
€2.49 75%

£2.24 70%
$3.39 66%
€2.49 75%

Worms wmd
$10.19 66%

Slain again from hell
$3.99 80%

1979 revolution: Black Friday
$3.59 70%

Tachyon challenge
£1.34 85%
$0.99 90%
€1.49 85%

Black paradox
£3.37 75%
$5.09 66%
€3.74 75%

Assassins creed 3

Rayman legends
£7.49 75%
€9.99 75%

£5.99 50%
$7.49 50%
€6.99 50%

£0.99 83%
$0.99 83%
€0.99 83%

Spyro reignited trilogy
£17.49 50%
$19.99 50%
€19.99 50%

Little one of sunshine
£4.80 70%
€5.99 70%

Loss of life squared
£1.49 88%
€1.49 80%

South Park the fractured however entire
£12.49 75%

Valiant hearts the Nice Battle
£4.80 70%
€5.99 70%

Velocity 2x
£3.74 75%
$4.99 75%
€4.99 75%

Bomber crew
£2.99 75%
$3.74 75%
€3.74 75%

Stick it to the person
£2.19 80%
$2.39 80%
€2.39 80%

Double cross
£4.49 75%
€4.99 75%
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  1. My pick is Child of Light. It looks interesting with its beautiful visuals and music. I can't wait to try it.

  2. Child of Light is my personal pick for this week. (Those in the NA region will have to wait for a sale but it's worth picking up, even at full price.)

  3. My pick is definitely Dead Cells, amazing, intense game with endless replay value. Can't wait for the new DLC

  4. My pick this week is for Spyro Reignited. It is a beautiful remake of 3 awesome games.

  5. My Puck if the Week is Double Cross, the controls are absolutely bang on and make it an absolute joy to play, the deal breaker though is the sound, every moment is just top class platforming greatness

  6. ooooooooo, rayman legend's sale SLAPS, better get it quick, always wanted that game imma call it my pick of the week even tho ive only played the demo

  7. Tachyon Project is my pick~!   I love twin stick shooters.. have recently been playing Debris Infinity and saw this one… but after your review, I'm definitely picking it up!

  8. I’m picking up Flame of the flood

  9. My pick of the week is SLAIN. Looks like something I could get in too.

  10. Trine 2 is my pick but waiting for a nice sale on the ultimate collection.

  11. My pick this week is Spyro. I waited for the remake for so long, then waited even longer for the switch release! Takes me back.

    Thanks to the team last week for reminding me about Darkest Dungeon. Not stopped playing it this past week!

  12. Children of Morta…. not in this video but looks great!

  13. Trine 2 would be my pick for the multiplayer.

  14. Trine is my pick of the week. I’m always on the lookout for multiplayer options I can play with my kids, and this seems like a good fit.

  15. I would pick Spyro and Crash. I had a lot of fun and a lot to play with these two games. But I'm happy to sold them last week for 35 bucks each.

  16. The flame in the flood for me…looks really interesting. I think I’ll finally pick up rayman for the missus too, what a bargain.

  17. My pick of the week is Dead Cells, it's so addicting!

  18. Had to go for something you didn't mention. Steins Gate Elite with a massive 50% off. I've never seen it that low. Well worth it at just over $20. Was sorely tempted by Clock Simulator too, but how the hell do you simulate a clock? It either is or it isn't? Surely?

  19. I check The flame in the flood in USA eShop but don't have discount 🙁

  20. My pick for the week is one game that I won't deny, made a tear or two . Valiant Hearts… A beautiful game that is a must have on sale

  21. Great video guys! My pick is The flame in the flood, I've had my eye on this one for a while and with this sale I'm definitely getting it. The art style looks awesome and I always enjoy a good survival game. Thanks for the heads up and keep up the great work! 😎👍

  22. Spyro this time around. I've wanted to play for a while, and this is too good to pass up.

  23. My pick of the eshop this week is Verlet Swing. It does have mixed reviews, but given the £3.37 price point, it's a fantastic game that is as close to Spiderman as we've had so far on the switch. There's 100 levels and it's the perfect game for anyone who likes bitesize challenges!

  24. Pick this week HAS to be Dead Cells. I am TERRIBLE at this game still and yet I have an absolute blast playing it. Its honestly just a ripper of a title with so much fun to be had.

  25. Most of them I have in this or another platform, but I think I'll gran The Flame and the flood, never knew what was it about but it looks good

  26. I’m looking at these prices… cries in australian

  27. Only wish I could buy Dead Cells for the first time again. It’s that good

  28. This week i picked trine 3 on sale!
    As i have finished the trine enchanted edition, and iam looking forward to playing all the trine games coz they are fun to play and visually gorgeous!

  29. child of light like that game on pc. pretty short but worth the bucks try it if you like turn base rpg

  30. Bought The Binding of Isaac recently and it's amazing !

  31. My pick is Dead Cells! So gorgeous

  32. Forgot about STREET FIGHTER is 63% off as well rn.

  33. Civ6 at 50% off? Seems pretty amazing to me haha 😁

  34. already got lego jurassic world and i'm gonna get trine 2.
    Thanks for the update!

  35. Recommend GLASS MASQUERADE for puzzle fans…currently on sale for about £3…also the sequel has just been released today😃

  36. Bomb chicken is a really cool game…it featured in an old Nindie direct…currently on sale😃

  37. Do I need to purchase through third party in order to make use of my UK account, or will the eshop accept my US address?? Keep up the good work SwitchWatch!!!

  38. After watching your review Im gonna grab Double Cross for my pick of the week. Seems like a bargain price. Now when will I have time to play it? Thanks

  39. My pick slain from this price point it's one heck of a the way for AAA sales even fire emblem is a no brainer to me..

  40. Hey let us know your pick of the week down below and you could win a $10 eShop voucher next week! Check out last weeks episode: for new games coming out in Feb:

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