Minimal iPad Professional Day by day Carry (2020)

During the last two months I have been placing collectively a minimal every day carry setup, centred across the iPad Professional. I wished a setup that’s mild sufficient to hold with me alongside the laptop computer I’ve to hold for work, that’s succesful sufficient to drive my artistic work and that’s fulfilling sufficient to maintain me targeted.


Nomad Crafts iPad Professional Leather-based Sleeve: (Code: TECHCRAFT10)

Apple iPad Professional 11″ –
Apple Pencil –
Apple Good Folio Keyboard –
Apple AirPods Professional –
BELLEMOND Display screen Protector –
KMMIN AirPods Professional Case –
Whoosh! Cleaner Duo –
Tile Slim –
Zendure 10,000mAh Slim Battery –
Anker USB-C braided cable –
Anker USB-C to Lightning braided cable –
Aluminium Armour Case for Raspberry Pi –

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  1. I love these types of videos!!

  2. Is it me or there is a weird smoothing filter on the video?

  3. You're not alone in wanting the smaller iPad Pro. I'm with you 100% and my kit is almost exactly the same– iPad Pro, Apple Keyboard and Pencil for MY stuff and "company" MacBook for "work". I'm also with you on the "sleeve" that drops into a slightly larger messenger bag that holds the MacBook. I tried the AirPods Pro but they sadly do not fit and fall out as much or more than the regular AirPods so I still rock my older BeatsX (poor man's AirPods). I'm also with you in NOT carrying wall wart. I sometimes carry a battery but usually not– the iPad has 2-3 days of battery life in my use case.

  4. Please do a review of the Propoint mouse. I hear a lot about it and some of it’s features and mouse button layout seem really odd. Please let us know how usable it really is. I love the channel, keep up the amazing videos!

  5. You deserve more than 100k subscribers 💯💯💯.

  6. New viewer here. When he said raspberry pie I legit thought he meant a real raspberry pie 😂😂

  7. Someone please stop me from buying things for my iPad.
    I’ve been spending way too much money on my iPad accessory.
    Oh no, I’m sick! I need some help! do I need to see a doctor ?

  8. I really want an iPad Pro. I have an iPad mini 5 and it’s amazing, but I would really like something as cohesive and productive as the iPad Pro.

  9. did anyone see the screen or screen protector bend when he was typing dont force to subscribe

  10. Thanks again for the time you put into this mate!

  11. Bro last time i was here you had 2k or 3k subs and you were talking about programming on the iPad… Your Channel has grown…

  12. I also use my iPad Pro with apples keyboard and the pencil. To protect the iPad and keep the pencil secure I found this on amazon and it works amazingly well. It’s fully compatible with apples keyboard. i-Blason Halo V2.0 Series Case Designed for iPad Pro 11 Inch Case 2018, [for use ONLY with Smart Keyboard; Compatible with Official Smart Cover] Hybrid Protective Case with Pencil Holder, Black, 11"

  13. Hi Rob, I have checked out so many bluetooth headphones (my desk draw is full of them) and the problem always is they are made for music but when used with video the lack of sync is so noticeable. Do the Apple AirPods Pro's keep sync if watching a movie or using for on the go editing?
    All the best

  14. This sleeve probably weighs as much as the iPad 😛

  15. Can you give me the link to the leather portfolio case, please?

  16. The paperlike is fantastic, like you I was dubious but will never be without one now

  17. I ended up opting for apples magic keyboard, it came with the iMac and out of curiosity mostly I figured I'd give it a shot traveling with it. I actually like that it isn't attached and gives me a lot of placement freedom. For mouse I tried using the magic mouse but after using Microsoft's arc mouse I still haven't found anything I like better so I have that paired with my 11 pro.

  18. Thanks for the insights. You don’t worry that the screenprotector wears down the pencil tip?

  19. Nice to hear a Northern British accent doing tech stuff…..

    I’m at the opposite end of the spectrum. I’m always carrying a TON of stuff. A TON of it.

    But, paradoxically, I’m actually not too bothered. I need to exercise… and I picked up a hint from an NHS dietician who suggested replacing the Big Weekly Shop with much more frequent daily shops…. because, yes, they force you to walk further and more frequently.

    The two things I do, though, are: 1) a very large utility pouch (which contains most of the possible gubbins I will need for iPad Pro, MBP, Surface Pro); 2) slim holsters for my smartphones which attach to my belt.

  20. How did you learn how to draw storyboards on iPad? I’d like to learn how to draw out and make my storyboards better

  21. Nice set up. Like you, I like carrying my (12.9) ipad pro in a separate sleeve that i can either just take by itself or throw into work bag. The purchase i am most happy with recently is the switch easy cover buddy, which takes up virtually no space, lets you use all features of smart folio but keeps your pencil secure in a way that it wasn’t before. If i’d had it earlier maybe i wouldn’t be on my second pencil. .

  22. With the lighting background, red shift and blue shift at the same time, I’m confusing if you’re coming or going.

  23. So this is basically an Ad video? BTW, why would you carry your laptop from work home? If you work at home, why even bother to go to work at all? Makes no sense.

  24. On the Nomad case did you get the one that is made for the iPad or the one made for iPad+folio?

  25. HI! You regret on geting a 11´ instead of a 12,9´´??

  26. I went to the Nomad site. I’m not in the market for a folio, but the journals look awesome, and so I bought one as gift for my son. He loves stuff from the UK. This morning I was notified that my UK(???) journal was shipping from Amazon US originating in Salt Lake City Utah! I thought you should know.

  27. Again, thanks very much for sharing how you organize those gadgets and "what should I bring" is always something to figure out. In my case, as a frequent traveler, I have lots of "2-day" inter-city trips, some 1-week cross-country trips, and quarterly global trips. My goal is trying to get rid of "unnecessary" stuffs while traveling, including dumping my MacBook at home. I also spent half of my daily work time in coffee shops to refresh my brain.:) I use iPad Pro 13" with Apple Smart Keyboard/pencil in the coffee shop in town. But I take both Logitech slim portfolio and Apple Smart Keyboard with me during the over-night trip – I simply put Logitech one, the heavy one, at hotel all the time and take Apple one with me when meeting customers. I do this simply because I enjoy the Logitech typing experience so much but it's truly bulky…:) I take my raspberry pi with me all the time, so I can do data science and even fix a small thing, like 'excel' calculation with it. (Juno for iOS can't support 'Pandas', so I have to use Juno connect with my pi for all python package…) I realize what I actually use is iPad Pro(outside) and iMac 27(home). Laptap is out of my game…:D Cheers!

  28. I would be interested in a video about software/apps you use on your iPad for editing, coding, story boarding, etc. LOVE the videos! Thanks for sharing!

  29. I’m an Estate Agent and work solely from my iPad and iPhone. Absolutely love working from them.

  30. Nice Video!
    But i have on question about the Paperlike screen Protector. How much faster do you have to change your Tip of the pencil?

  31. would def be interested in seeing a review on the Pi!

  32. Create 2 separate accounts, 1 for your work and 1 for your home in your computer. It would have saved you a-lot of money

  33. I am currently an IPad Pro only type of guy at the moment, Great to see what you are using. I’m on a larger one than yours, smartfolio and the pencil, i made my own massively over engineered sleeve type arrangement for mine, nowhere near as smart looking as yours though. I don’t mind using the keyboard but i am a bit of a rough type in general, i occasionally get looks when I am in the zone… heavy typing… 😂 I like working on stuff in a coffee shop… or just drinking coffee and not working, depending 😂

    Good to hear about the paperlike screen, i have been pondering with them… i had the same sort of thoughts as yourself on them and that they may not be the best… i may have to get one.

    If you are interested in EDC in general, you may be interested in checking us out on all social media platforms as well as here and our website. No worries if not.

    Definitely a cool video.

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