Chance the Rapper "We Go High" Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Chance the Rapper’s “We Go High” is a standout cut from his latest album The Big Day. The track’s production team includes Nate Fox, Peter Cottontale, Ben Lusher, Nico Segal, Darius Scott, and Chance himself. On the track, Chance raps candidly about his marriage and struggle to become a better person.

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  1. Nice vid! I want to see you hit 1K!!

  2. yo le apago el celular y si no lo prendo se va a desesperar sorry ma pero me da igual si no lo prendo se va a desesperar

  3. Get Oloff on to talk about doing it stealthy

  4. oloff doing it stealthy as soon as possible please

  5. First four seconds into the video he’s already speaken facs

  6. Wierd to think my sister met Chance in chicago but chance be eating something so my sister didnt interupt

  7. Chance so interesting 😭.. want more

  8. this is by far my only favorite interview 💞💓💓

  9. Get Oloff on here to talk about Doing It SteaIthy

  10. Only good thing genius did

  11. Chance so over hated, it’s sad

  12. I knew i loved this song for a reason. Had some really deep meaning and i definitely wanted to see this video just to see some more insight on it

  13. We go


  14. Does he really have big hands? Isn't the dude, like, 5-foot-nothing tall?

  15. “I was so f-ing mad at Devon Frank” 😂😂😂 I’m dying

  16. First time I’ve ever taken the time to watch one of these videos and now i can’t stop listening to the song #DontLookDown

  17. i LOVE acid rap, and still listen to it today. and this album is just as good and really gets me in my feels. different vibes from each album but love them both the same.

  18. I've been going through so much lately dealing with a separation. This song has resonated so much for me.

  19. Who is Kenny that’s what j came for.

  20. Love this 🙌🏽 I pray my future husband is as wise & as close to God as you are ♥️

  21. Damn, I wanted to him to explain why they sampled "ocarina of time"

  22. “BOW”

    ~Chance the Rapper

  23. 3:37 i always thought it said i want deshawn

  24. The Denzel thing is actually super true ahahahahha

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