"Drawn to the Bitter" | FNaF Minecraft Animated Music Video (Song by DHeusta)

“Drawn to the Bitter” | FNaF Minecraft Animated Music Video (Song by DHeusta)

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Drawn to the Bitter…
The fourth part, in the Disconnected Chronicles…
Stay tuned for the next one…

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Song by DHeusta


Director & Animator – UnrealAnimatics
Rigging/Modelling – ZSPFX, F0xG4mer, UnrealAnimatics
Set Design – ZSPFX, LorenzoDMJ, UnrealAnimatics
Lighting & Compositing – UnrealAnimatics

Previous Parts of the Series:

-Disconnected by TryHardNinja (Part 1)
-Circus of the Dead by TryHardNinja (Part 2)
-Tomorrow is Another Day by Stagged (Part 3)

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  1. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  2. The animation on the animitronics is weird

  3. William afton eat shit ! And crazy

  4. William afton is 🐷 and crazy

  5. Funtime foxy got taken down easily

  6. Feel like it could be better but it’s ok

  7. Ballora: Am i a joke to you?

  8. this was a pretty good animation
    but it feels like a lot of things could have been done better
    some scenes felt like they went way too long, 0:51 and some way to fast, 2:15 it could have been made a better pace
    next some scenes felt lazy and quickly put together especially towards the end, and and lack of camera movement made it feel bland at time
    also a lot of emptiness, scene build would have made it so much better
    some parts were confusing to what the story was trying to say too
    Although I do very well like the lighting and made up for most of the fact, this animation could have used some more polishing
    I do hope to see more and watch you improve and this is my little bit of help to help you improve

  9. they took enchanted mod design for henry and afton

  10. The pacing was really slow but the quilt of the models were high. Overall, I think that the movements should've been more snappy and quick

    car tires are clipping…..

  12. is william forgotten that baby is his dautger and ballora is his wife

  13. UnrealAnimatics rather than RealAnimatics lol I can't wait to see more

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