G Herbo ft. Juice WRLD, Chance The Rapper & Lil Uzi Vert – PTSD (Lyrics)

G Herbo – PTSD (Lyrics) ft. Juice WRLD, Chance The Rapper & Lil Uzi Vert is one of my favorite songs for a minute. Enjoy and be sure to support G Herbo’s new album out now!

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  1. Both times juice says ptsd it sounds sooo good

  2. Love hearing juice WLRD man 🥺💔

  3. should of just been juice wrld and uzi on this

  4. You should post "blue money" by young thug and juice wrld

  5. So nobody gon talk about how Uzi barley got 20 seconds

  6. every time i listen it gets better

  7. Bruh this is hardest shit I've heard this year.

    The fact all of them snapped on this legitimately is unbelievable.

    This a GOAT song frfr

  8. I thought Chance said, Remember thinking that that bitch prolly ain't cocked. That's normal round me for ppl to point guns that ain't even loaded

  9. Daamn this is fireee 🔥🔥👌🏼

  10. this song is good but was it really necessary to put chance the rapper on this

  11. herbo had no business being in a song with these goats, verse ruined it


  13. This voice… Juice wrld we cant forget you

  14. Damn I miss him juice WRLD rip 🥺

  15. Dont stay to close to me,
    I got war going on in ma head…….

  16. The days seem long as life gets shorter, We know sex, drugs, money, all in that order. Ain’t no structure, no piece, we’ve lost our order leaving me with anxiety, fucking up my sobriety.

    Gotta give Juice WRLD credit for that.

  17. Was banging till chance came on then my eyebrow just raised , hes good just dont fit

  18. Scary that he sung this and now he's dead

  19. Wow, this hit extremely different. Rip Juice, forever gone too soon.

  20. 44 dislike i think its there ptsd. I think its there ptsd

  21. I thought “eternal PTSD” said “you could turn on PTSD”…lol

  22. This is the saddest song of juice which gave me chills because of those frequencies of his voice man FUCKING REST IN PEACE

    PS: pls don’t like this if you think I’m thirsty for likes

  23. It's an alright song could be better in some areas imo

  24. Me listening to it because my boyfriend loves this song

  25. I’m just happy to hear his voice , he is in a better place , 999Forever

  26. "Eternal PTSD" was probs uzis idea

  27. Wish that war zone part was longer

  28. this song hits harder than my dads belt

  29. Juice WRLD is such a great rapper.
    I could listen to him for five days straight.

  30. This one really took me by surprise. R.I.P to Juice WRLD though man 🙁

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