How Logic The Rapper Writes His Songs (Writing Rap Lyrics Creative Process)

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In today’s article we’re going to learn a bit about the writing rap lyrics creative process by breaking down how Logic the rapper writes his rhymes.

This article is intended to both help give you a window into the writing rap lyrics creative process as a writer and prospective rapper yourself…

Or someone who is just a fan of Logic the rapper and would like to get some more in-depth info on how he likely creates his music.

As somebody who’s coached rappers full-time for over five years now, I believe that the insights we can pull from interviews and videos of Logic on his creative process can be of value to every fan of Hip-hop from artist to fan themselves.


Writing Tools
Now, we have seen several videos of Logic in the studio reading his rhymes from a smartphone, so it’s safe to assume that his go-to method of writing rhymes.

This may be simply due to his age, as many artists under the age of 30 grew up writing rhymes on devices with screens whether that be a phone or a laptop.

The advantage with writing on a phone as opposed to handwritten is that you can edit your vocabulary on the fly, even while standing in the studio recording the verse mid-take…

Which would likely be useful for a syllable heavy artist such as Logic who is consistently stacking many words “back to back to back” as he might say…

…And you can write rhymes pretty much anytime you think of them, even down to while you’re chilling on the toilet or waiting for an elevator to come down to your floor.

On the other hand, when you write on a mobile phone at times your brain moves faster than your fingers and you may lyrically not be as sharp or poetic as you’d like…

Or, you may feel like you’re out of touch with the classic Hip-Hop vibe of having a “book of rhymes” as Nas once named a song.

Logic himself has echoed this sentiment by mentioning as recently as late June of this year, 2019… that he is experimenting with physically handwriting his rhymes again:

“What I am doing for the time in 16 years, is I am writing all my raps down for the first time in a long time…I’m excited and there is something that is so different about writing on paper, you know what I mean?”

BobbysWorld YouTube Channel, June 26th 2019

Delivering What You’ve Written
In February 2018, Logic released a video of himself recording the track “44 More” while seemingly in a makeshift studio on tour.

If you’re interested in learning the writing rap lyrics creative process of Logic, this video is a goldmine.

The first thing to take away from the video is that while he probably has the vast majority of the lyrics and flow written down or at least “conceptualized in his head”…

He is actively directing people in the studio to rearrange some of the drum drops to correlate with the lyrics he’s dropping.

Additionally, he is constantly rehearsing the bars he is about to spit while pacing around in the room before performing the final take.

If you are an up-and-coming artist who’s stressed over the fact that you might not get your delivery perfect on the first few tries, or even after you’ve fully written it’s not sounding “SUPER ILL” in your mind…

…This video can help you to show that successful rappers constantly rehearse their rhymes even while in the “booth” before a final take…

Similarly, Logic performs what is known as a “punch-in” in this video.

The definition of a “punch-in” (which we’ll keep very basic for the purpose of this video) is where a rapper, rather than performing the ENTIRE verse all the way through in one take (or on one vocal track)…

…The rapper rather does sections of the rap at two, four, or even eight bars at a time…

…And then cuts together the best versions of those sections onto one long vocal take to make it sound clean as if it was all done at once.

A simple analogy might be how they shoot movies, where they shoot multiple “takes” of a scene and then they choose the best one when editing… put it together with the rest of the movie… and the final product is a seamless timeline to tell the story.



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