Justin Bieber – Yummy (Official Video)


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Directed by Bardia Zeinali
Produced by Roisin Audrey Moloney
Executive Producers: Danielle Hinde, Jason Cole
Video Commissioner: Yolande Geralds
Production Company: Doomsday Entertainment
Director of Photography: Ben Carey
Production Designer: Natalie Ziering
Production Manager: David Garcia
Production Coordinator: Tori Stosh
Choreographer: Nick De Moura
Artist Styling: Karla Welch
Artist Grooming: Florido Basallo
Cast Styling: Gadir Rajab
Cast Make-up: Adam Burrell
Cast Hair: Lucas Wilson
Edited by: William Town, Graham Patterson @ Modern Post
Colorist: Tim Masick @ Company 3

#JustinBieber #Yummy #Changes

Music video by Justin Bieber performing Yummy (Official Video). © 2020 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


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  1. Amo vcs 💞💞💞💞💞💞😘😘😘

  2. Justin deberias apreciar a tus seguidores por que sin ellos no eres nada que te burlas de ellos los golpeas etc etc valora lo que tienes

  3. Hey Justine Thank's for dropping by our friend the riley's live stream. Markus Feehily Westlife.com

  4. Hey Justine Thank's for dropping by our friend the riley's live stream. Markus Feehily Westlife.com

  5. Yeah, you got that autotune , auto
    That autotune , auto
    That autotune , autotune
    Yeah, you got that autotune , auto
    That autotune , auto
    That autotune, autotune

  6. cantas bien chido porque a quien no legusta liki sicres eso

  7. Yea thats yummy! but is it as yummy as Dota 2 tho ? 😕

  8. 0:25
    no me importa tu vida, es para mi esto.

  9. This cool song man wkwkwk i like this song

  10. when u have no idea for a good title, u name the song one of the most basic words possible

  11. He went to "Baby" too "Yummy". Lmao

  12. Só eu que percebi que as 02:20 o queixo da uma alongada fora do normal 🤔 eu em kkk

  13. I think I'm the only one who hears "yeah you got the Miami Miami Miami"😂😂😂

  14. WiP brosi lepsi, sorry amerykańce

  15. Note: Direction & Production of this video is to €xpose the €lites.

    He nods at the €LITE looking off camera
    (I'm 💯 sure this was in the direction of this video not a fvcking glitch, this was a specific symbolism)
    The specifically choreographed moves:
    Get on the table (get ready)
    Wipe your mouth (don't say a word)
    Stomach full (can't do this & can't take it)
    Turn around (Get on your f0urs)
    Hit on a$$ ($pank/punished)
    Eat some more (forcefully take it)
    Wipe your face (don't say a fvcking word)
    For the same choreography, the lyrics goes like this:
    "Yeah you got that Yummy yummy.."(2)
    (hand movement ×dont×) "Say the word"
    "On my way."
    "Yeah Bake" /Lip Syncs-"Yeah Babe" (3)
    "Any night, any day."
    "Yeah Bake" /Lip Syncs-"Yeah Babe" (3)
    "In the morning or the late."
    (Abuse is at any time of the day anywhere bcuz they're always on their track 24/7)

    Now further symbolisms explained:

    0:26 Plain 🍞? with cherry and black olive?
    1:08 Green peas jelly ?.. 1:17 with fish?
    It ain't even Yummy

    P!ZZ4G4T€ IS REAL:
    Why is JB fed that?
    He's a victim who refuses to join the ped0club.
    How do we know that?
    In the end of the video Justin sits alone facing his back on Podesta, the cake plate untouched, yet revealing Justin's picture which refers he's been their victim.
    At the table- the old man with specs is p0desta, the blonde woman on the right is Cl!nt0n, the man in white suit at the end of the video is Ant0ni0 la R€id watching over P0de$tas mess.

    THOSE comments saying look at his chin, eyes, face – 2:192:202:21 – IS A P!ZZAG8 R€FERENCE TO DRUG ABU$E

    The 🐈 cat that passes on the table- -IS THE MKU|LTRA M|ND PR0GRAMM|NG faced by artists.

    1:17 the jelly with blue spir∆ls are the most important ped0ring symb0lism!

    Now hold on, I'll explain in more detail+

    Beginning of the video:

    HE NEVER eats from HIS plate.
    "EATING" implies
    "Doing P€DO sh!t".
    Although, he has a bite from the blonde woman's (Hillary's) plate which is $ymb0lism ABOUT HIM BEING A VICTIM OF THE €LIT€S
    Which signifies:
    When Justin turned in his l€gal age, he was asked to join the table (the cu|t) but he REFUSED TO €AT means DO P€DO SHIT etc.
    He wipes his mouth WITHOUT eating FROM HIS PLATE.

    In the end of the video,
    J0HN P0D€STA STILL EATS means he's still :
    s€x traff!cking,
    doing inhuman€ r!tuals,
    MKu|tra (Cat on the table symbolism).. etc
    P0D€STA, and he's sitting there- his OWN PLATE- UNTOUCHED!
    If Justin was one of the €lites, he would've been at P0D€STAS TABLE.
    The cake disappears it's not symbolized that JB is eating it, which certainly signifies HE'S NOT the one who joins in the s3x traff!cking bullshit, + not at all supportive about it ever.
    The plate shows younger JB's picture bcuz he's been a VICTIM and has refused doing shit.

    It all makes sense, why he took years off from his career, ended PURPOSE TOUR all of a sudden. He'd been threatened by €LIT€S, been in depression and also fighting Lyme disease. He's such a beautiful soul. I feel so sad for him. He's very brave to pull this off though:( Although his life is in danger now more than it has ever been. He needs saving. Also for the fact that XXXT€ntacion, Avicii etc. who tried to expose them were murdered and the Elit€s covered it calling accidents and suicides.

    Okay so I went through few criticizing comments who say that Justin needs approvals of people who've joined hands with €lites to even upload this music video, now let me tell you this that Justin's production is different than it was 5 years ago He's Not Under Them Anymore. He Doesn't Need Approvals As Such but he's definitely trying hard to acknowledge the masses regarding this cult.

    He's trying to €xpose the €lites.

    JB also has a tattoo on his inner bicep saying, "MAKE EM PAY" (Check out Instagram @justinbieber Seasons Y0uTube documentary cover photo in black&white)
    Fact: Justin also explained in one of the episodes of his "Seasons" YT documentary that he was anxious throughout filming this (Yummy) music video.
    It's obvious it bought back dark memories from his teenage years when he was m0lested which gave him anxiety attacks. I feel so helplessly sad for him:'(
    (Watch his whole episodes of JB Seasons documentary on YouTube Premium- he's honestly not as bad as the world critics portray him to be)

    Youtub€ Is Del€ting Comments so I had to use these $ymbols.
    Fvck y0utub€ the €lit€ 0rd€r f0ll0wing b!tch

    These links are for those who are lazy to read:

    Watch full, it includes P!zzag8 evidences:

    Comet ping pong (you literally hear kid yelling "HELP ME" in below link):

    XXXTentacion was murdered for exposing em:

    Watch these videos with eyes, ears and mind open.
    Don't sleep and stay a 🐑 sheep.
    Wake up and stay woke.

  16. Justin Beiber is the typical Californian guy, they all act the same their favorite phrase: "at the end of the day"

  17. It's cool watching Justin talking about food

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