New Songs Of February 2020

New Songs Of February 2020

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  1. my fav :
    nice to meet ya

    umm, actually i came bcs seeing physical in thumbnail

  2. Get me❤️❤️
    Tattoos together ❤️❤️

  3. I came for Nice to Meet ya of Meghan and Nicki both queens💗💗

  4. Physical by dua is literally amazing
    Go check it out!

  5. Taylor swift

  6. Songs were all repeated just different titles 😑😑

  7. Only The Young, Rare, Physical, You Should Be Sad, What A Man Gotta Do, Physical, Nice To Meet Ya and First Man. 🔥🙌😭💖

  8. The songs i like:
    1. Eleven
    2. Changes
    3. Tattoos Toghether
    4. Life is good
    5. Walls
    6. In your eyes
    7. Heartless
    8. Summer
    9. The box
    10. Underdog
    11. What if i told you that i love you
    12. Flames
    13. Speed me up
    14. Darkness
    15. You should be sad
    16. Before you go
    17. Forever yours
    18. What a man gotta do
    19. Rare
    20. First man
    21. Blinding lights
    22. Physical
    23. Anyone
    24. Nice to meet ya

    25. Only the one

  9. wrong direction
    only the young
    you should be sad
    first man

  10. I dnt kno why dua lipa always like to lick her fingers

  11. Rosalia – Juru Que
    Selena Gomez – Rare
    Dua Lipa – Physical
    Meghan Trainor – Nice To Meet Ya

  12. I really like these lists, helps me shortlist my favourites for my playlists! Btw, I'm a singer songwriter and my new song Nightmare is 🔥 you might like it guys and gals

  13. In ladki yo ki gand me mirchi bar ka bhi dam nahi hota kya

  14. Nice to meet ya 😍🔥👸🏽

  15. ❤️🔥NIKKI MINAJ feat Meghan Trainor – Nice to meet ya❤️🔥

  16. Mann songs just keep getting on worse now

  17. A good amount of these aren’t made in the February of 2020

  18. I’m so proud of hayley! She started as 15 in a band and now she has start her single career!❤️

  19. Anyone knows the song that sound like : oooh oooh oooh oh oh?

  20. im looking forward to all the cool new songs 2020 could bring to us 🙂 Thanks for the video

  21. Where is kpop songs that literally got more then 60million views in less then 2 weeks yet y’all ignore kpop 💀💀💀

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