Polo G – Go Stupid (Lyrics) ft. Stunna 4 Vegas & NLE Choppa "Hit the strip after school"

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  1. Slaps harder than how Pluto wasn’t a planet anymore

  2. 0:08 who else thought he said Camelot

  3. this shit hits harder than my dads belt

  4. ❌🧢 If polo g was like this in every song he would be my favourite rapper

  5. " my gun need sum draws it got nuts

  6. NLE Choppa: Black air force activity activated

  7. Ko je ovde zbog Stojakovica?

  8. Bro this song go so hard make a lyric video

  9. My gun need some drawers he got nutscacked me up

  10. I like when he says lil capalot bitch ha OOF

  11. only once does it say “go” in the song titled “go stupid”

  12. Let's just say Polo g has the best verse of the year

  13. Unpopular Opinion. Tik Tok helps find good songs,…the people on Tik Tok are the ones who ruin them.

  14. I don’t you can flow better than Polo G did on this one

  15. Good song but yalls letters move a d it’s kinda hard to read fast enough to keep up with the song

  16. Bro polo g absolutely destroyed this beat🔥🔥

  17. The beat sounds like a xxl freestyle beat😂

  18. Polo G's fav word to rhyme with "shit"

  19. This song goes hard, who else agrees?!? 🔥

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