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Hailing from Canada, Powfu recently signed with Columbia Records and re-released his track “death bed,” which samples UK singer ​beabadoobee. On today’s episode of “Verified,” which premiered exclusively on Apple Music, Powfu explains how he reworked beabadoobee’s track to create the lo-fi hit.

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  1. Holy shit, you kinda look like my ex boyfriend… But like better

  2. Who else is a filipino cause I am

  3. The lyrics hit different at 2 AM

  4. I'm glad he mentioned beabadoobee

  5. Woah! I'm from 🇵🇭 and.i always listen to your music, every time im sad its giving me chill thank you


  7. When he mentioned “I want to eat your pancreas”, im like OoOoooOoh cool dude

  8. Love from the Philippines! ❤️

  9. Yeah it's true that your music here in the Philippines really trendy and do some cover. Its really good tho that's why… 💗💯

  10. the son of the lead vocalist and the one and only dave faber of FABER DRIVE!

  11. FYI he also known as "izzi faber" and "zayfine" back then and he also have a song, called

    • I'm a geek by izzi
    • coffee shop by zayfine

    thanks me later!

  12. NEVER knew this guy was gonna blow up like this, good job Powfu 👏👏

  13. Grats for powfu for crediting the real creator of the soundtract

  14. Been listening to this guy a couple years

  15. Powfu: Mentions the Philippines
    Filipinos: Whomst summoned the ancient one

  16. Here in the philippines we love powfu!!!!
    Lets go!

  17. cool music, but is it cool as the DOTA2?

  18. So happy to see Powfu blow up <3 Long deserved

  19. holy shit! finally getting the recognition you deserve

  20. Do one with SadBoyProlific!!!!

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