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Controversial Brooklyn rapper 6ix9ine was sentenced to 24 months in prison today followed by five years of supervised release for his role in a variety of gang-related crimes, defying some predictions that his cooperation with authorities would lead to his immediate release but shaving decades off his potential maximum sentence.

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Jacques Morel, Senior Correspondent
Hillary Crosley Coker, Senior Producer
Joe Ali News Video Producer/Editor
Tia Hill, Producer

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  1. He gonna blow up even bigger, because everybody gonna be focused on what other type of shit he gonna be talkn about. Live shows? Too risky for him and the crowd… but you never know.

  2. Please interview other guy in prison why 6ix9ine in jail maybe he already cried in there and get bullied

  3. Once a Snitch always be a Snitch

  4. How tf do I become a ‘disappearance expert’? 🤔

  5. He’s gunna be out in 3 months for good behavior lol

  6. He won’t last a day out of prison

  7. (69 es boricuo asi que puedo decirlo en españo)
    Bendiciones 69, que te vaya muy bien y dios te bendiga para que logres salir con bien de ahi, como dijo Nicky Jam tu alma ahi esta podrida, pero tu puedes y tienes a millones de persona esperandote, dios te bendiga a ti y a tu familia, siempre pensando en ti
    Que te vaya bien toros los dias.

  8. That idiot is dead as soon as he gets out

  9. YNW Nelly:
    Chuckles I'm in Danger

  10. At least he's scared of God so we won't see him in heaven 😁

  11. He gonna get killed for sure imma just sit down and wait

    If he don't well good luck I guess fixing your life

  12. Probably 2week outta jail gets killed by people he snitched

  13. Wait why is he allowed to say the N word if he’s not black?

  14. Hate how Evryone is upset about this mans snitching when the people he snitched on literally tried to set him up and rob him blindly yet he is just"snitching"


  16. Man you ever think we support evil so much because this music makes us feel good but in real life this man is a hero for locking up those who already commit evil but we look down on him

  17. How the fuck you gonna market a snitch?
    He can’t rap about the street shit ever again…
    So wtf does a talentless musician turned snitch music even sound like? Lol

  18. We really need a 6ix9ine mixtape for summer 19 and we didnt get it………..

  19. if you can openly state with no issue that you fear God, somethings obviously wrong and you do need help

  20. 6ix9ine is the best singer, only in court though

  21. Poor 69 he should've got witness protection after trippie's banger the grinch
    RIP Snitch9

  22. Dude its crazy how often he says the n- word.

  23. What in the actual fuck is a disappearance expert and why did she say that with a straight face?

  24. This video more legit than 6ix9ine’s court story

  25. I wish it was 46 years cuz he would get out at 69

  26. It’s smart to just let him be there cuz of all the snitches he has done

  27. I wonder what genius had to decipher those fucking shite lyrics for the court room??????

  28. 6ix9ine snitched on you

    Like to undo

  29. Wow, a rapper with rainbow hair… the next generation in a nutshell..

  30. Wow FBI really go out there to put high school bathroom in jail

  31. Your American justice system is a pile of horse shit. Trying to kill someone yet u only get 2 years. Meanwhile dudes are serving 20 years for the same crime.

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