Chance the Rapper ft. MadeinTYO & DaBaby – Hot Shower (Official Video)

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  1. This song is so random but it sounds good?????

  2. 4:16 is this what you do to your gf???

  3. Did no one notice Rich Dunk and Stunna 4 Vegas..?

  4. So we not gon talk bout how those guys better not play hide and seek

  5. The beat also fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  6. The guy at 1:50 with the dreads and the white cap his dancing is pretty fire

  7. Even da baby couldn’t save these cornballs

  8. He stole this flow from nephew by smokepurpp

  9. 4:36 there really wore tuxedos just for a video shoot, and stunna 4 vegas smiling like he found out he wasnt the father😂😂😂😂😂

  10. No one:

    No one at all:

    No one in the entire universe:

    Kel Mitchell: DuDe!

  11. So we're just gonna ignore how fine Baby is in his suit?..😍

  12. Why does the begin remind me of the movie uncut gems

  13. Something about this song has Minecraft remix vibes

  14. R.i.p. chance career 2011- 2019

  15. I wonder how his wife feels about this

  16. im gonna tell my kids this was uncut gems

  17. This entire album is just one big shitpost

  18. people out here waiting on their money #nosleep. me, I am people.

  19. I love this so much it reminds me of old Eazy-E

  20. Honestly dababy could be in M.I.B

  21. 3:29 "Big gas in a Mercedes"
    is driven in a drifting BMW

  22. Who ever made that fake id I need their number ASAP

  23. 4:184:20
    Me the whole time I'm listening to this song

  24. Dababy just don’t fit though, his tempo throughout every track is the same if we honest 🤷🏻‍♂️

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