Chance The Rapper – Hot Shower (Clean Lyrics) ft. DaBaby, MadeInTyo

Clean Version made by: PassMeTheAux


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  2. Not even finna cap this sound like renagade

  3. I put this song when I play fortnite

  4. Tim took sucks I just like the song one of the only rap songs I like

  5. I am waiting for someone to make a undertale animation to this 😂 like the rappers are idk Flowey, Chara, Frisk. Cause the song sounds savage lol.
    Please. It would make my day 😂

  6. When someone pays u millions of dollars to freestyle

  7. If you listen closely you can hear skrr 0:47

  8. i TyPeD uP sUpEr MaN tHiNkInG oF tIk ToK WhO eLsE iS HeRe FrOm ThErE

    EeE UrR <3

  9. I did NOT KNOW WHAT he was saying at first

  10. now this is what call a nice and soothing song

  11. On hot shower it must have been hot.

  12. I did do renagade at first
    Glad we’re on the same page

  13. its not clean. it says a bad word

  14. Nia' Marie you spelled dance wrong and I don't think I did.

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