D Smoke Stuns in the Finale with Last Supper | Rhythm + Flow | Netflix

D Smoke shows his true artistry with an incredible final performance of Last Supper. Eat. Smoke. Take your time. It’s a long dinner.

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D Smoke Stuns in the Finale with Last Supper | Rhythm + Flow | Netflix

In this music competition show, judges Tip “T.I.” Harris, Cardi B and Chance the Rapper hit the streets to find the next rap superstar.


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  1. Best thing out since 2020, D Smoke tight with the rap game. His vision is very clear with the knowledge he has. Hope he stick around for many years to come. Salute to Inglewood yall got a soldier right here.

  2. This young man just breathed some life back into Hip Hop!!

  3. Its funny how the start of the song is the best part , and the only way i can listen to it is w this live video w comments from judges. Why this fullsong is not on spotify

  4. This song has a message stronger than all the songs of Cardi, Change and TI combined. Fact!

  5. This dude is the truth!! He's definitely next up for longevity. I'm not sure who these 1K thumbs down are from, but they've got to be some miserable trolling hip hop hating mfs.

  6. They robbed flawless real talk because he is Spanish that show is. Wack will never watch again

  7. Anyone who put thumbs down..YOUR A FUCKIN IDIOT

  8. he just remind me sm of kendrick lamar

  9. That switch up at 2:07 is just 🔥🔥🔥

  10. ight but can i pls know the chords he uses in the beginning

  11. Mannn this dude! Rewatched every performance in Netflix last night. I love all music, but conscious rappers touch my soul. Peace, Love and light to you, D.

  12. He has what it takes to be one of the king's of hip hop.

  13. I been rewatching this part since the show came out just for the piano part, WHY WASNT IT APART OF THE SINGLE

  14. Cardi b judging a music contest? lmao why she has nothing to do with creative process. Dude is dope though just a shame all these fkn shit type show cant help but put one trash ass judge.

  15. I still can’t believe this guy is real. He was just out in Cali growing until this moment. There’s people all over the world with talent and gifts we haven’t seen yet

  16. The only reason he won is because what he was talking about. Flawless never messed up once and passed every challenge with perfect scores. Flawless shouldve won…

  17. Can't keep the great ones away they take one down another one comes up D smoke just keep an eye open for what you can't see

  18. So obsessed. That lyrical content was food for thought. Pun intended ❤️

  19. This one’s for love, for mothers that’s grieving
    It’s for that dreamer in that class that’s underachieving
    This for believers whose faith is all that’s keeping them breathing – D Smoke 💨💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  20. musical genuis, a mystro for sure D SMOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Découvert sur Netflix, la première fois que je l'ai vue je savais qu'il allait gagner il m'a fait penser directement à Kendrick Lamar franchement je suis très heureuse pour lui

  22. iingleWQQP go D Smoke bring it home homie

  23. I wish the rest of his music sounded like this….

  24. D Smoke raps with substance, something that gives you chills

  25. I LOVE this song and his performance…. it gives my Kanye West vibes!!!! 🔥 🔥 🔥

  26. No cap I knew from the beginning he was gon win!! He gave a super poetic Kendrick Lamar and wasn’t the same as everyone, he taught shit and was himself💯

  27. I'm in group 2 and my crush is a scorpio….. oof

  28. Later in 2020 TDE gonna sign d smoke cause he’s brothers with SIR and soundwave fucks with him heavy

  29. Daum, I have a new level of respect for d smoke.

  30. He should of spit a few bars in Spanish. Dude is a beast.

  31. He killed it. He brought everything but the kitchen sink he was overflowing. 👀❤it

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