G Herbo – Intro (Official Lyric Video)

The official lyric video for “Intro” by G Herbo.
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  1. i was entranced the whole time. 🙈🔥

  2. dang that seriousness intro. I've felt this way back when I hears common – be

  3. Fuck em dont need these big tittie hating ass bitches the be trippin over they own shit got dropped off with nothing not even high school but had a 4.o average but has no luck just hoping the weather break so i dont gotta go to the pin just to have a welcome home. Just trynna chase the the dream I've done seen before. In visions. The hood won. AkaZ wrote it

  4. Lmao people be like G Herbo can't rap on beat or he trash. Go listen to BLIK and Humble Beast.

  5. Brought that east coast flow riding the beat… shit 🔥🔥🔥 didn’t know he had it in him!!! #salute

  6. "Everyday u see his face just like a mascot" Happy death day reference

  7. Herbo got the Best intro no cap

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