Lil Uzi Vert – P2 [Official Audio]

Lil Uzi Vert – P2
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  1. Lol is this xo tour life part 2? It’s ight tho🔥

  2. when uzi said la La lA La lA 2:19 i felt that

  3. This shit top shitty STAMP😬😬

  4. This is the boot leg version of you know what

  5. Fuck p2 shits ass lo mein is wayyyyy better

  6. I can see this song confusing a lot of people in concerts

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  8. Bro you killed this shit 🔥🔥😩❤💜🖤

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  10. im numb you see me everywhere you look you can't hide around

  11. "she left me rigth on read now now im walking with my head down" damn uzi be wildin

  12. Flashbacks from 2017 joined the chat

  13. "I don't really care cause i'm done."

  14. He really talking that shit tho ya dig 🖖🏾🛸

  15. I wait this song for too much time y really Like ❤️

  16. Uzi “I don’t really care”

    Me “dang this brings back memories”

  17. Jus because it’s called p2 that doesn’t mean he made it for p2isthename (who else agrees)

  18. Do you guys not know that it is for p2?🤔

  19. Lil Uzi: “I don’t really care”

    Everyone: “If you cry”

  20. Why does this sound like xo tour life

  21. Listening to XO tour life then P2 is a whole different vibe🙏🙏🙏

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