EVERY Mainstream Rapper's BEST & WORST Project!

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In this video, I showcase what I feel are some of the best & worst albums/projects/eps that mainstream rappers have made! Thanks for watching and subscribe for more!

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This video consists of projects/albums/eps/mixtapes such as (SPOILERS!!): Lil Boat , Teenage Emotions , Imperial , Ta13oo , planet shrooms , if you are reading this its too late , Scorpion , Oxymoron , CrasH Talk , To Pimp A Butterfly ( TPAB ) , Overly Dedicated , 2014 Forest Hills Drive , The Come Up , Culture , Juug Season , Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial, Feed Tha Streets , KIRK , God’s Resurrected Work , Acid Rap , The Big Day , So Much Fun , Jeffery , 1017 Thug 2 , Drown in Designer , Beware the Book of Eli , IGOR , Cherry Bomb , A Love Letter To You 3 ( ALLTY3 ) , ! , Under Pressure , Confessions of a Dangerous Mind , I Decided , Finally Famous , My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy ( theneedledrop / fantano GAVE MBDTF A 6! ) , Jesus Is King , Marshall Mathers LP , Revival , The Never Story , Cakewalk , Rodeo , Huncho Jack , i am greater than i was , 21 Gang , Lil Pump ( SELF TITLED ) , Harverd Dropout , Some Rap Songs , Feet of Clay , ? , Bad Vibes Forever , When It’s Dark Out , Beautiful and The Damned , Long.Live.A$AP , Testing , General Admission AND BINGE!

These above albums are from these artists: Lil Yachty , Denzel Curry , Drake , Schoolboy Q , Kendrick Lamar , J. Cole , Migos ( Offset , Quavo & Takeoff ) , Roddy Ricch , DaBaby , Chance The Rapper , Young Thug , Ski Mask The Slump God , Tyler, The Creator ( ODD FUTURE ) , Trippie Redd , Logic , Big Sean , Kanye West , Eminem , J.I.D , Travis Scott , 21 Savage , Lil Pump , Earl Sweatshirt , XXXTENTACION , G-Eazy , A$AP Rocky AND Machine Gun Kelly ( MGK ) !


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  1. When u put someone with 2/3 projects on this

  2. Bad vibes Forever was valid but only the songs that are guitar instrumental

  3. I think there was a mistake all of Logic's projects are bad

  4. Damn lol the migos really came a long way

  5. Every Big Sean project is the worst. Period.

  6. Unpopular opinion

    Astroworld is better than rodeo
    (The two are bestial projects)

  7. School shooter is a fire ass song fuck you mean bruv 🥺👎🏽

  8. roddy rich "worst album" still sounds fuckin good😂

  9. Roddy Ricch: Please excuse me for being antisocial

    Tommy Craze: Please excuse me for stealing your video

  10. Best project x: 17
    Worst: skins
    And bad vibes forever wasn’t even that bad man. There are songs that are unfinished and bad but listen to triumph, limbo And his old songs I mean those are so good

  11. Wolf is Tyler’s best album and Doris is Earl’a best album

  12. I disagree with “worst” for Earl. FOC wasn’t bad except for east. His worst project was EARL imo

  13. CHERRY BOMB just gives me a headache everytime I listen to it.

  14. Igor isnt tylers best project. Its either flower boy or wolf

  15. huncho jack was not his worst album…

  16. Jesus is king was actually good. The only reason people don’t like him now cause his religion

  17. I think X worst Project was Skins that’s just me

  18. This should have been named their latest project vs their old ones

  19. Ngl Ski mask has like no bad albums

  20. i would disagree saying "Bad Vibes Forever" was x's worst project. every song on that album was god tier. "SKINS" was the worst but it was still amazing

  21. 1:42 that’s on the blank face lp not oxymoron

  22. aight chief book of eli and bad vibes forever are not the worst albums of ski and x

  23. Song of the day is actually kinda good

  24. Ski mask is mainstream? Are u dOmb?

  25. I'm so glad that DaBaby keeped himself as a lyrical rapper, because that melodic shit didn't worked.

  26. Lil pump is so bad that I hate his best project

  27. This video is ENTIRELY my opinion! Also, just because I consider an album to be the "worst" from the rapper don't necessarily mean that the album is bad! (e.g. Kanye picks) BTW, I f*cked up the song selection for ScHoolboy Q my bad! // Follow the spotify playlist to keep up to date with new music! – https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2B4cWHnGozMo2AijinjGob?si=mP8mKNMxSKSyE6nqm5p6Wg

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