Pinegrove | Watch A Live performance A Day #WithMe #StayHome

Watch Pinegrove’s 2017 Woods Stage efficiency for Pickathon’s #AConcertADay fundraiser for MusiCares COVID-19 Aid Fund. Donate right this moment and Spotify will match it to assist musicians in want! ❤️

Filmed at lovely Pendarvis Farm.

Producer: Ryan Stiles
Government Producer: Zale Schoenborn, Terry Groves
Affiliate Producer: John MacArthur
Assistant Producer: Stephanie Manzo
Line Producer: Seth Chandler
Manufacturing Supervisor: Josh Madera, Holly Wyman
Affiliate Distribution Producer: Ned Failing, David Gluck
Authorized: Vincent Sliwoski, Harris Moure, PLLC
Director: Peter Schmidt
Stage Supervisor: Andrew Verhoeven
Assistant Stage Supervisor: Tina Fairman
Editor: Lance Troxel
Digital camera Crew: Joe Bourguignon, Stephen Dettman, Chad Erickson, Benjamin Lebwohl, Christopher Martini, Skyler Pestle, Lori Schmelzer, Jarratt Taylor
Competition Lighting Director: Daniel Meeker
Dwell Audio Engineer: Martin Gonzalez
Broadcast Combine/Recording Engineer: Graham Nystrom
Closing Audio Combine Engineer: Nalin Silva
Audio Producer: Adam Selzer


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  1. leaving this wonderful show as a soundtrack to cook! ❤️

  2. 0:00 Old Friends
    3:57 Aphasia
    9:14 Visiting
    12:17 V
    14:48 Size of the Moon
    19:02 Cadmium
    22:48 Recycling
    27:28 Waveform
    31:37 Then Again
    34:31 Problems
    35:57 Metronome
    39:04 Thanksgiving
    40:08 Easy Enough
    42:20 Angelina
    44:20 New Friends

  3. I’m a simple man. I see V on the set list I click

  4. Bald man in front looks unimpressed

  5. Seeing these people makes me nostagic. It was this lineup when I discovered them.

  6. Absolutely killed it on Aphasia! Can’t wait to find a chance to see these guys after this all passes.

  7. Y'all killed it as always! I had tickets to see them in London, but COVID killed that dream. Soon my friends, soon.

  8. amazing performance, can wait to see you guys on south america! <3

  9. first time I heard pinegrove was at this show (how lucky did I get right?!?). This set is sooo good. Probably one of the best bands in the world at the time of this performance.

  10. Can someone PLEASE tell me the name of that strat he’s playing. Saw him play it in Toronto and I’ve been in love with it ever since.

  11. I say that with a lot of experience in music.

  12. Still a great band but i do miss Nandi's harmonies.

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